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lexon_flip_clock_2Recently we were sent this Lexon Flip Clock from Gifts with Style. It is really handy and a very clever product. It’s so much better than just using my phone alarm and Mr Z (5) also really loves it.

The idea of the Flip clock is simple. One side says on and one side says off, so to turn the alarm on or off you simply flip the clock over. It really is fool proof to use and means that as well as using it for myself, it’s very easy for Mr Z to use and we have let him use this on weekends so that he knows what time he can get up (as his aunty stays with us sometimes on weekends, he can be tempted to get up too early to go and play!)

To set the time is also really easy, with just a plus and minus for minutes and hours on the back.

The clock comes in a whole rainbow of different colour varieties. Ours is red but you could get any colour to match your room:

rainbowlexon_flip_digital_alarm_clocks__59062_zoomThe quality of the clock is really good. It looks well made with attention to details. This clock has won the Red Dot design award and is made by British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright.

lexoncollageThis clock would make an ideal gift if you are looking for something which is practical but still a bit fun and cool. I think it would appeal to almost any age and works well for both male or female. I would definitely recommend it, we are really happy with ours.

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    • yes, they do seem good for kids and seem to be ok with being manhandled etc! my son actually took it to school with him for show and tell because he loves it but it’s survived all that fine!


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