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toadstoollogoThe Toadstool is an independent toy shop selling a variety of beautiful and educational toys. The Toadstool specialises mainly in Wooden toys and ethical toys, and has some really lovely things which you won’t find on the high street.

Over the past year, The Toadstool has been working with several ToadTester bloggers to try out and showcase some of their range of toys. I’ve enjoyed reading these reviews, and it hasn’t been easy to choose the final toys for my Toadstool wishlist as there are so many I love the look of! But here are some I think my boys would enjoy:

Toadstool Wishlist
  1. Janod – DIY My WorkbenchΒ – I chose this as it looks such a cut above from any of the basic plastic tool sets the boys have had in the past. I think this is something that would span all of their age ranges well (from 2-5 years) and be suitable for playing together. All the extra details like the clock, the chalkboard, and the magnetism would give them more to explore. As well as fuelling their curiosity about making and building things, it would also help with their fine motor skills as they work with the tools.
  2. Hape Bamboo Geomix PuzzleΒ – This is such a beautiful toy. I love the colours of the wood and I can see this being quite relaxing to play with. Again, it’s something which could be used by all of the children in different ways depending on their stage. Mr Z (5) loves maths, he loves making patterns and he could use this to experiment with patterns and shapes. Mr T and Mr R (3 and 2) would be able to use it for colour matching and making basic shapes and pictures.
  3. Wonderworld Trix Tracks – This is something I had noticed a while ago after seeing the reviews and always loved the look of. My boys love any kind of marble runs or ball tracks, something about it just seems to have them captivated! We do have marble runs already but this seems quite different. I think they would love the cool features like the stairs for the marble to travel down.
  4. Plan Toys Chalet Dolls House – I chose this as a dolls house is something the boys have never had, but I think it would provide a lot of play value and really doesn’t have to be a girl’s only toy! I love that the dolls houses on The Toadstool website are all very gender neutral which offers a much better solution to me than the totally pink versions you see in many stores. What I particularly like about the Plan Toys Chalet house is that it looks very open and it seems like there would be space for two children to play there together. I can picture Mr R (2) and Mr T (3) playing and it would be good to help develop their role playing skills.
  5. Hape Bamboo Pallina Game – This is something that would be great for Mr Z (5) and Mr T (3) to play. I used to love playing Kerplunk when I was little so I was really interested when I saw this as it seems like a similar but much more beautifully made and eco friendly version. We already have some Hape toys at home and it’s a brand that I would trust. This game would be great for concentration, fine motor skills and concentration – as well as being fun of course!
  6. Brio Metro Set – This is something I know that all the boys would love. We have a lot of Brio already and our wooden railway is without a doubt the most used toy in our house (see here for some of our past Brio reviews) I love that Brio sets tend to be more innovative and different from all the others. I’m actually still torn between this one and the Monorail which is equally as cool – I’m thinking of buying one of these for Mr T’s birthday which is coming up in December.
  7. Haba – My First Feeling and Touching Game – Haba is another brand that I really like and trust. One of Mr R’s favourite toys is the Haba Fire Brigade Playset (review here) This game looks like it would be a great first game for him as it is suitable for 2+. I like the look of how tactile and interactive it is.

What do you think of my selection? Is there anything that stands out to your the most, or what would your child like from The Toadstool? Have a look on the website and let me know your ideas in the comments!

Also check out my Pinterest board, if you want to pin any of my suggested toys (I may have got a little carried away and added a few more!)

This is my entry for the Toadstool Christmas Wishlist. To find out more about the competition have a look here.

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  1. great wishlist, they really do have unique toys on their site! they look like toys that might even be able to be passed down or stand years of wear πŸ™‚


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