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kids gaming and gadgets gift guideThe holiday season is approaching and for many older children, technology and gadgets will be on their wish list. Even my 5 year old has already started getting interested in gaming! The boys dad is always into his gaming and gadgets too, so when I want to get him a present he will really love, I know to focus on this kind of category. Here are my ideas for the Kids gaming and gadgets gift guide!

Technology Toys

My boys love any remote control vehicles. There are some really cool ones available which you can control by using your iPhone or iPad like this Interactive Monster Truck. I’m sure this would appeal to both children and adults so it’s a nice one for families to play together.

kids gaming remote control carYou can also get versions with a camera installed like the Bee-Wi Scarabee

Or what about this Drum Kit Playmat

drum kit playmatIt’s battery powered and comes with a headset. A great way to combine technology and creativity.

For the very youngest children, they could get started with something from the LeapFrog touch magic range like this rockin’ guitar (my boys have this and it’s really cool). The touch magic surfaces reacts like a smart phone screen.

Good Gaming TVs

For children or teenagers who are that bit older and starting to get into console gaming a lot more, a good gaming TV is a must so this could be a gift idea to consider.  It’s essential to have a wide screen and HD makes a big difference to a lot of the graphics.

samsung gaming tvWe have a Samsung 32″ TV which does the job well. They don’t have to be too expensive you can get some great bargains in suitable gaming TVs these days.

Gaming Headsets

Another idea to consider is a good quality gaming headset. This can really add to the gaming experience because of the enhanced sound quality and has the added benefit of keeping the house quiet for the rest of the family! Whilst there aren’t many options out there for the new generation of consoles just yet, Gioteck are due to release some PS4 gaming headsets in next the few weeks.

Gaming chairs

Gioteck also do some really cool gaming chairs which would be ideal for a teenagers living room. I am sure we will end up turning our playroom into a teenage living space when the boys are a bit older and I would be thinking about putting these kind of chairs in

teen or kids gaming chairConsole Accessories and Games

If you have XBox and don’t have Kinect, then this is definitely something to think about buying. I find Kinect enables the XBox to be more of a family entertainment by playing active games all together, and it can also make some of the games more appealing and accessible to the youngest gamers in the house. Some ideal Kinect games for families and young children are:

One which is likely to be really big this Christmas is Disney Infinity

disney infinityWe haven’t got this yet but it looks great, it is definitely on my wishlist!

Some ideal game ideas for younger players which don’t require Kinect are:

If your child has their eye on something really expensive like a new iPad air, their own iPhone 5s or even a 3d TV – then they might also be able to make use of a more low tech and traditional gift – the good old money box, like this Morph one, to help them save up and achieve their dream gadget!

morph money box*This featured post also contains some affiliate links

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  1. I stumbled upon this blog while scrolling through Google for ideas to post on our FB page. I know it’s almost three years old but the info is still good. LOVE the Interactive Monster Truck.

    Will share this on our page – thanks for posting!

  2. It is so different nowadays compared to when I grew up. Born and raised in Sweden we had little to choose from, and the greatest gift of all were those bought in another country: preferably the US. Kids of today have a great variety of toys 😉
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