Legoland Christmas Bricktacular

Last weekend we went along to the Legoland for their Christmas Bricktacular event. Although we’ve been to Legoland lots of times before, this is the first time we’ve visited during the Christmas season and I was really impressed with everything they have on offer for this time of year.

During the Christmas season, selected rides are open rather than the full park, but there are extra Christmas features which are not normally available – which makes your visit a bit different and special.


The highlight of the Christmas Bricktacular for most families will be visiting Father Christmas in his Santa’s grotto. This was done really nicely and is definitely one of the best Santa’s we’ve been to over the years as even the small details were so well thought out. For example, instead of waiting in a normal boring queue, the queuing system has been transformed into a magical forest maze which helpful elves will guide you through. The trees inside it are decorated with lights and snow, and there are festive Lego models hiding here and there too. By the time you reach Santa’s grotto hidden away in the middle of the forest, it really does feel a lot more magical than if you had just stepped straight in from the main theme park. The Santa was also did a great job and was very welcoming and good with the kids. My children can be quite dubious with Santas at times, they don’t always feel comfortable straight away but this Santa put them at ease.

Santa also gives every child a Lego gift, which is really good! Each of my boys got a LEGO city set which was suitable for their age range. I saw Santa had a few different colour bags available so I’m guessing he tailors it to be appropriate for the child visiting, which is appreciated. We were really happy with the sets they got!


It’s not only the kids who are treated by Santa, as the grown ups get a voucher for a free hot drink and Christmas cookie instead of a toy. You pick up your passports and golden tickets for the Father Christmas visit from the Brickmas express train which you ride when you get into the entrance of the park. This is the hill train which has been repurposed for the festive season, but it has been decorated very Christmassy so has a different feel than usual.

Another highlight of the Christmas Bricktacular was the Mrs Christmas’s LEGO toy shop which gives kids the chance to build their own LEGO snowflake and take it home. This is really interactive with Mrs Christmas on the stage in front, so you need to wait in line and then all go in together in groups, rather than just dropping in, but you won’t be waiting long.


In front of the stage, there are rows of tables set up with instruction pictures for the children to work on making their LEGO snowflakes (they’re handed the LEGO pieces in a bag as they go in) and if they need a helping hand then Mrs Christmas and some elves come around to give them a few tips


My kids were so happy with their finished snowflakes, and since taking them home they’ve built and re-built them quite a few times so they’re experts in making LEGO snowflakes now!

img_5666It’s great the way that the activities combine LEGO and the festive season so perfectly, and being able to take the snowflake home with you is a lovely bonus too.

We also enjoyed all of the festive models around the park, which add to the atmosphere of the season in a very LEGO way.


If you visit Miniland you’ll find new festive displays in the London and Scotland areas, as well as seasonal models all around the park.



The other rides that are open during the Christmas Bricktacular include..

  • Desert Chase
  • Thunder Blazer
  • Heartlake City Express
  • Driving School
  • Spinning Spider


  • L-Drivers
  • Dragon Apprentice
  • Balloon School
  • Knights Quest


  • Mia’s Riding Adventure
  • Laser Raider
  • Scarab Bouncers
  • Jolly Rocker
  • Miniland (London and Scotland)
  • Starwars™ Miniland
  • Olivia’s House


So there’s plenty to keep the kids busy alongside the seasonal activities, with some suitable rides for all ages still open.

We had a great day and would definitely recommend visiting Legoland at Christmas!

Check the Legoland Christmas Bricktacular page for more info

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