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Crayola 3,2,1 Draw is a fun new drawing game from Crayola, that’s recommended for kids around 6+. The game involves drawing pictures for the other players to guess, and there are some dice included to add extra levels of difficulty – you can choose to use 1, 2 or all 3 of them in each turn.

We have a few different drawing games at home, and it’s a classic concept, but the feature that stood out to me the most with Crayola 3,2,1 draw is that it’s so compact and portable as all the pieces fit inside the specially prepared drawing board. Since you draw on the wipeable board, you don’t even need to bring extra paper either so it really is very self contained.


The game is made up of this wipeable white board, and as you can see the top part opens to store the three dice and a wiping brush to clear the board after each picture.


There’s also a timer, and a felt tip pen which you can use on the board. These both clip into the side of the board for easy storage.

When playing the game, the timer is used to add an extra challenge as you need to complete your picture before the timer runs out. You can clip the timer on to the end of the pen if you prefer, or stand it up separately.


And once you’re done, the other players need to guess your picture.


Unlike other drawing games that we have, you don’t get cards telling you what to draw so you have a lot of freedom in that and the kids can include things that are quite specific to their own interests.

The three dice that you throw will give you certain ideas or inspiration, or challenge you by adding some extra restrictions to your drawings.

One dice gives categories, like draw something based on music, or Tv. Another gives you a letter of the alphabet to start your word with, and another gives you restrictions to make it trickier like draw with your eyes closed or without lifting your pen from the board. All of the pictures on the dice are explained on the back of the box in case you can’t tell or forget what any of them mean. The instructions are also on the back of the box rather than in a separate leaflet – as they’re so easy you don’t really need an extra instruction booklet.

Once your drawing has been guessed, wipe it off with the included board wiper and then pass the turn to the next player.


We found when wiping that some trace of the colour can be left behind, so after a few uses your board won’t be pure white it did get a little bit “blue tinged” but it does clean up well enough to use it again for different drawings, so it’s only a minor issue.

If you’re looking for a fun game for the kids to enjoy over the festive season, especially if you’ll be travelling and want something compact, then this will definitely fit the bill for that. It’s quite flexible and can be played with larger or smaller groups, and my kids enjoyed using the board for general drawing too.

See other Crayola games here on the Crayola website

Or buy 3,2,1 Draw at Amazon where it’s available for 9.99


We were sent the game in order to review

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