First Tastes with HiPP – and Weaning Hamper Giveaway!

Weaning is an exciting time, introducing little ones to all the new flavours and tastes. When you first start weaning, the HiPP pure vegetables jars are an ideal way to introduce one flavour at a time to your baby. They’re a smooth texture which is easy to manage, and by trying one vegetable at a time you can get an idea of which ones your baby likes the most.

Baby N’s favourite vegetable tends to be peas. She’s now nearly 10 months, but since we first started her with her first tastes at around 6 months, I noticed straight away that pure peas was a real hit. I was quite pleased as she’s starting off on the right track by eating her greens!

As a parent you want to know exactly whats in the food you give your little ones, so before feeding something new to baby N I sometimes give it a taste myself to see what it’s like, and if it tastes appealing. What I noticed with the HiPP first tastes that I tried is that it just tastes exactly like the vegetable but in a smooth form. You can definitely recognise the flavour of each vegetable rather than them all being so bland, which is great.

The HiPP Organic stage 1 jars are made with the finest organic ingredients, including the unique White Carrot, a new milder tasting carrot that has been specifically made by HiPP for little ones.

Now that N is an older baby, she’s starting to move on to more solid food, especially after gaining 6 teeth! But the HiPP vegetable jars can still come in quite handy. For example I might give her finger food to feed herself, and in the same meal I’ll put a portion vegetables that I can feed to her and that way I know she’s getting the vegetable goodness even while a lot of the other food gets played with or thrown onto the floor.

With an older baby, you can also spread some of the smoother purees on toast, or let them dip other foods into it. Cucumber sticks are one of N’s favourites for dipping, but it’s really versatile.

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HiPP Organic have kindly offered one First Tastes weaning hamper like the one we received, to a lucky reader of In The Playroom. For your chance to win, enter via the Gleam widget below

HiPP First Tastes

The products included are…

Pure Vegetable jars NEW Stage 1 savoury jars
Pure White Carrot Vegetable & fish pie
Pure Parsnip Mediterranean vegetables with aubergines
Pure Peas Buttered vegetables

Good Luck!

For more information on the new recipes and products from HiPP Organic and for the best weaning advice, head to the HiPP UK website: 

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  1. This would definitely come in handy for my godson who is being weaned pretty soon! He’s almost 7 months and has just started to become interested in his mummy’s dinner!!


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