Is It Time For A Glam Party In Your House?

Parties are fun. At least they’re supposed to be. So what if you want to create a party for someone of any age, in the most stylized and glamorous way? Here are some easy tips. The organization of a party owes, in large part, its success to the time and resources invested in the preparation. However, one of the most stressful steps when planning a party is surely decorating the place because, in many cases, you don’t know where to start. Will the colors match the chosen theme? Will the guests enjoy the decor and arrangement of the items? Well, we are sure they will! 

Choice of theme

It all starts with a theme that matches the event, that espouses the intention of the ceremony. One can organize a glamorous party on various occasions: wedding, birthday, celebration of a particular event, etc. To choose a theme, you must be inspired by your motivations for this party, whether it is a birthday party, a christening party, or perhaps a party for the kids! By adding a personalized touch, you get an original contrast, a mix of tradition and modernity without losing the chic side of your ceremony. The decoration of a glam party is no easy task.  You want nothing but exquisite extravagance, afterall. Most people who go for glamor seek to fill their nostalgia for retro by organizing an event that takes them back to the memories of a certain era. After all, it always feels good to disconnect for a while. So, be inspired. Hire a cocktail maker, look at a 360 Photo Booth and don’t forget good food.

The red carpet: an essential element!

When you really know what glamor means, it would be difficult to do without the famous red carpet. Although not many people necessarily know it, the use of the red carpet at a glamorous party is not trivial. In Western culture, unrolling a carpet when welcoming guests is a testament to the honor and above all to the importance given to them. The color red is preferred, as it symbolizes the solemnity of the event as the reception of an authority. Rather, it is recommended to install the red carpet from the entrance of the house to reinforce the aesthetic side of the exterior image. Next, installing a row of lamps at the ends of the carpet would be an original idea too! 

The layout of the party room

Decorating the party space is a tedious task to say the least, because you never finish touching, retouching and readjusting. Why not start getting rid of the bulky items in the room? For a glamorous party, it is always important to keep in mind that you will have two categories of guests: your guests of honor often referred to as VIPs, maybe the child or person whose birthday it is, or family. Luxury must prevail over the ordinary even up to the making of the invitation cards.  Send out glam invitations that match the theme of your party – then you’re ready!

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