13 Fun & Easy Pirate Crafts for Kids (and 10 Free Pirate Printables too!)

Pirates are always a popular theme with kids, and for good reason. They get to be the daring hero in a quest for treasure and adventure.

They can also dress up as their favorite pirate character, fly the Jolly Roger, and even speak in pirate talk. Who wouldn’t want that?

Today we have 13 easy pirate crafts for kids to share with you, as well as free printable pirate colouring pages and activities.

I remember going to some great pirate themed parties as a child, and they have stood the test of time since my boys love pirates just as much. If you are planning a pirate party, we have plenty of great and simple ideas here for you in this blog post. 

With Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th September, we’ve got you covered with these easy crafts.

With a bit of creativity and some glue, you can create these fun little pirate crafts that are just perfect for your young buccaneers!

13 fun pirate crafts for kids for talk like a pirate day. Great ideas for treasure chests, telescopes, pirate hand prints and loads more. Pirate printables too!

I’ve gathered together a selection of swashbuckling pirate crafts, from hats to telescopes to parrots and eye patches – there’s a craft or pirate activity for every little pirate to enjoy making. 

There is no better way to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day than with some pirate crafts for kids.

What better way to get your kids in the spirit of the day than by letting them make their own treasure map, pirate hat, and sword?

This year, instead of just reading a book about pirates, give your child the opportunity to go on an adventure with these hands on pirate crafts. So much fun!

Click on each of the links for the full instructions, supplies and tutorial for that particular pirate craft for kids.

Pirate Crafts for Kids

Easy pirate crafts for kids, perfect for preschoolers, toddlers, and school age kids to enjoy for pirate parties, a pirate theme or Talk Like A Pirate Day.

With all of these swash buckling crafts, your little ones will be busy all day! Whether you are planning a pirate birthday party, doing a pirate topic at nursery or school, or just searching for some activities and crafts to tie in to your child’s current interest

We hope you enjoyed all of these pirate ideas for early years. 

Pirate Printables

Finding fun activities for kids to do can be difficult. The pirate printables that we have gathered in this post are designed to be educational and fun for children, so print out these pirate activities to keep your little pirates busy, and learning!

The range of printables includes pirate colouring, cutting, letters, pirate play dough activities and lots more – all with a pirates theme. 

Pirate printables for preschool and toddlers

Click on each link to download each set of pirate printables. There are more options within each link, the pictures below are just a sample

Fun Educational Pirate Printables for Kids

Fun pirate coloring pages, pirate worksheets and printable pirate activities for kids

You might also like these pirate cake ideas which will definitely help if you are putting together a pirate themed party for your child.

Whether you are looking for a show stopping pirate birthday cake or for simpler ideas for pirate cupcakes, we’ve got you covered with these suggestions in our pirate cakes blog post (click the coloured link to see all of the amazing pirate cake ideas)

pirate cake ideas for pirate party

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fun pirate crafts for kids

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