Interior Design Trends Not To Miss

We want our homes to be a reflection of our personalities, but not to feel outdated or drab. Striking the balance can be hard, but we’ve put together a few of the interior design trends you won’t want to miss if you’re considering updating your property this year. 

Nature-inspired objects

With more time spent indoors over the past few years than ever before, it seems as though we’re seeking to strengthen our relationship with nature through our décor.

From the imperfect texture of raw surfaces to tactile natural objects like shells and crystals, bringing nature into the home gives us the best of both worlds and creates a relaxed ambiance.

Another way to add more life and natural beauty into your property is through plants and this is a trend that experts are seeing more of, with large ornate trees and towering plants adorning living rooms and bedrooms.

Whether it’s marble countertops, rustic wooden furniture or decorative pieces that evoke a feeling of the great outdoors, bring nature in this year to stay on trend. 

Sculptural furniture

Sculptural furniture that makes a statement and creates a welcoming atmosphere is something we’ll see more of this year, with architectural pieces that stand on their own as a statement item.

From curved armchairs to tall, elegant luxury bar stools, consider the shapes and lines of a furniture item when updating your home décor.

In particular, softer shapes and clean lines are on trend that are more welcoming and friendly compared to harsher geometric, angular items of furniture that can look a little stark.

Add sleek stools to the dining area in your kitchen or smooth curved dining chairs around the table. 

Tactile textures

Textiles will be seen in a lot more homes throughout 2022, as we seek to add comfort to our homes through tactile textiles and a mix of textures.

Think jute, cosy woollen blankets, leather seating and velvet curtains, which all add interest and dynamism to a home.

It’s an opportunity to have fun with patterns and colours, adding a unique spin on your décor and making your home truly your own while also creating a more inviting property that’s comfortable and engaging.

Add a plush rug underneath the sofa or a bed, or contrast textures by adding a large wool blanket to a rustic leather chair for a cosy vibe that’s inviting for your guests. 

Painted ceilings

Feature walls aren’t likely to return as a common trend in 2022, but an alternative to add colour and interest to your home is to choose painted ceilings instead.

Referred to as Homes & Gardens magazine as colour drenching, the process of choosing a colour and using over multiple surfaces in the room is one we’ll see a lot more of this year. And those surfaces include the ceiling.

The best way to use this trend is to go bold and choose colours that create a really dramatic effect, from deep teals and pastel blues to peaches and pinks.

And don’t be scared to use this technique in smaller rooms too – using the same colour on the walls and ceilings helps to blend the boundaries of the room and reduces visual noise to create a cocoon feeling. 

Statement lighting

Lighting is often an afterthought in design choices, but choosing the lighting first and building the décor around it can be very effective.

From large and dramatic pendant lights to wall sconces and statement table or floor lamps, there are so many designs on the market that create a statement and can transform the atmosphere in a room.

Perhaps you want a relaxed vibe with overarching floor lamps that envelope you in a soft glow, or perhaps you’re decorating a dining room and want a statement piece with a low chandelier that adds drama and elegance. 

Final thoughts

Your home is a reflection of your personality and there are so many ways you can have fun with décor and create a unique space that suits you and your lifestyle.

In 2022, we’re looking to creating atmospheric rooms that have interest and are dynamic, whether that’s through impactful lighting, architectural chairs and furniture pieces, a cocoon of colour or tactile textural pieces that are comforting and fun.

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