Activities To Do In The South East

The counties within the South East of England are accessible from London and offer a great selection of interesting things to do and places to visit.

Whether you’re visiting as a family, with your partner, or as a group, the South East is a wonderful part of the UK to explore.

If you’re unsure how to spend your time here, we’ve put together a few suggestions to inspire you, catering to a wide variety of ages, interests and hobbies. 

Visit the Brighton Pavilion

An unbelievably beautiful attraction set in the heart of the city of Brighton, the Brighton Pavilion is an opulent building that was transformed in 1815 by King George IV who merged Eastern and Indian influences to create a unique and glamourous architectural feature.

It’s a visual spectacle that is set within public gardens and just five minutes from the beach, making it a must-visit when you’re in the city.

While the outside is spectacular enough, once you step inside and wander through the luxe rooms, you’ll understand why this is one of the city’s highlights. 

Enjoy live music

So many great acts and bands put on gigs and events in the South East that you’re spoiled for choice.

From live music in Chelmsford to festivals in Berkshire and lead acts across the region, music lovers will have their pick of so many great options throughout the year here.

There’s always a tribute act, a headlining band or a niche music festival to attend, no matter the season.

If you’re a music fan, or you want to surprise someone you know who is, the South East is packed with fantastic acts and events to enjoy. 

Step back in time

An area rich in history and heritage, there are so many historical sites where history buffs can learn more about this part of the country.

Why not take a trip to Chichester’s Fishbourne Roman Palace to learn more about the Roman invaders and their empire?

This opulent Roman palace is rich with mosaic floors and is the largest Roman residence in Northern Europe, having only been discovered and excavated in the 1960s.

So much of this area has been reconstructed and preserved that you get a real sense for what life was like in Roman England. 

Immerse yourself in magic

Visiting the South East as a family? Why not take the kids to see fairytales brought to life in The Enchanted Forest?

From making flower crowns to searching for woodland fairies or watching a play, there are always activities to do in the Groombridge forest and familiar faces such as Peter Pan and Sherlock Holmes have been known to make an appearance.

This area also offers activities such as canal boat rides and zip wires for the more energetic members of the group.

Hike the South Downs

The South Downs is a vast expanse of open countryside where you can walk, cycle or enjoy a picnic in the sunshine.

For those looking for an active way to spend the day, there are numerous routes to explore and it offers a wonderful way to experience the natural side of the South East.

What’s more, you can access the South Downs from various locations within the South East, so wherever you’re visiting, you can find a route into this part of the countryside. 

Take a vineyard tour on the South Downs

Vineyard tours are a great way to spend a day in the south, exploring beautiful surroundings and sampling delicious wines while learning more about how they’re produced and the different flavour notes of the varieties on offer.

Whether you’re a connoisseur or new to the world of wine, a tour is a great way to build your knowledge of wines in the surroundings of a stunning vineyard.

Book vineyard picnics, discover delicious Sussex sparkling wines and dine on-site with delectable menus. 

Shop in Bicester Village

If shopping is how you’d prefer to spend your time, a visit to Bicester Village should be on your agenda.

Located just outside Oxford, between London and Birmingham, Bicester Village boasts over 160 stores, catering to everything from high street brands to designer outlets and luxury shopping.

It’s one of the top shopping locations in England and over 7 million people visit every year. 

Final thoughts

No matter what your interests, from history to sport, live music to shopping, there’s a destination or attraction in the South East to cater to your passions and hobbies.

Perhaps you’re visiting to dive into the history of the area, maybe you want to soak up the incredible architecture or perhaps you want to enjoy the amazing entertainment that takes place here.

Whatever the reason, you can guarantee that there will always be something worthwhile to enjoy during your visit for all ages and interests. 

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