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instajunctionlogoFor those who love their Instagram, you have to check out Instajunction! It’s a really easy to use site with loads of cool gifts & products made from your own Instagram pictures.

Instagram fridge magnets have been on my mental wishlist for a while, so when given a code to choose some items to review that was definitely first on my list.

At Instajunction, Magnet prices start from £9.99 for 12 magnets. You simply login into your Instagram account via the Instajunction website and select the pictures you want to include. It couldn’t really be any easier! I chose a mixture of 12 pictures, from old to recent and they are looking great on my fridge! It’s great to inject a bit of personality and special memories to the kitchen, but looks a lot tidier than all of the pictures and bits of work that the children had stuck on the fridge before. (Don’t worry, I have still kept their treasured pictures and work!!)

The quality of the magnets is good. They are 5cm x 5cm squares, can stick to any metal surface and have a matte finish. I have put them a bit higher up on the fridge as I’m not sure how well they will stand up to toddlers manhandling them but they are really lovely. The day I got them, my sister came round and saw them and straight away said she wants to get some as its such a cool idea.
instajunctionI also got a pack of 6 greeting cards, which start at £11.99 for a pack of 6 and are available in packs of up to 48! The greeting cards are lovely, and will be ideal when sending any little note to friends and family and I’m sure they would rather have a cool and stylish instagram pic of my cute little guys than a generic card from the shop! Again, my mum was round and saw these and she really wanted some for her self so these products do seem to be quite popular with family members. The cards are 10cm x 10cm, 350gsm Gloss heavyweight card and are blank on the inside.

I also got a vinyl wall sticker. These are available as single packs from only £3.99 or in packs of up to 8. If you had 4 or 8 you could make quite a striking and really personalised wall display with them! They are really easy to apply and also easy to move if you want to reposition it (I did move mine). I thought that these are great value and a really nice idea. Mine is made with a picture of my youngest from when he was a new baby

babytinesIf you fancy ordering something, I have been given this code to share by the people at Instajunction:


this will give you a 25% discount on any orders placed up until the 8th December 2013.

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