Scooby Doo! Adventures – The Mystery Map

scoobyboxThe boys had not seen any Scooby Doo! Episodes before but as we were offered a copy of the new Scooby Doo Adventures Dvd to review, I thought it would be a great chance to introduce them to Scooby and the gang. It’s always good to try something new and Scooby Doo is quite different and a seems a little “older” than some of the usual things they watch.

If you remember the original cartoons, Scooby Doo has a totally new look in The Mystery Map, due to the new Puppet format. These puppets have been designed by the puppeteers of Sesame Street and the Muppets, and you can tell as they have that similar look! The puppets are really well done and quite cute, and do look quite different to the original cartoons although the characters are still recognisable.


The Mystery Map is an adventure story all about Scooby Doo and his gang on the search for some treasure. They are accidentally delivered a treasure map along with their pizza and they decide to follow it, which leads them on a great adventure involving a phantom parrot, pirates and lots of danger and excitement. There are a couple of songs along the way too!

The film is rated U with mild threat and scary scenes. If you have an easily scared child like Mr Z I would recommend that you do watch it with them. It is not too bad but they may need some reassurance with characters like the Phantom Parrot and Gnarly the Pirate, and the general spooky atmosphere.

scoobydooOverall Mr Z (age 5) enjoyed it. Mr T and Mr R were maybe a little young for it to keep their full attention but this could have been because they are not that familiar with the characters. The movie is only 45 minutes long so it is manageable for younger viewers, and handy for when you don’t want the children to spend an hour+ watching a full length movie. There are also 2 bonus cartoons included if you do want a little more viewing: The backstage Rage and Robopup.

The Dvd is available at Amazon for £7

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