Autumn Leaf Peg Dolls

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Peg dolls are a classic craft, fun for kids to make and to play with after wards. With our seasonal craft box from Craft Merrily and Bostik Family Craft Network we decided to make some cute little Autumn leaf peg dolls.

The great thing about peg dolls is that you can make them as simple or as detailed as you like, and there are so many different ways of making them.

Autumn leaf peg dolls kids craft

We chose some autumnal colours of tissue, felt and fabric and cut them up to stick on to the pegs for clothes. Since pegs are pretty small you need very little of the felt, tissue or fabric to do this. It’s a great use for any small left over scraps you might already have.

You can use whichever type of glue you prefer to stick these. Bostik had sent us some of their fantastic glue dots in the pack, and a glue pen which we had not tried before. This pen allows you to glue with more precision and it is pretty handy.

We stuck one colour for the top and one colour for the skirt for each of our peg dolls. We also made some all green ones in a Peter Pan style but the children have misplaced those so I couldn’t find them to photograph!

autumn leaf peg dolls craft

We also attached autumn leaves to the back of our peg dolls. Depending on your kids imaginations, these can be a leaf cape, or fairy leaf wings! They definitely give the peg dolls that autumn feel. We attached the leafs using “invisible” tape although the Bostik glue dots would have worked perfectly for this. (Mr T absolutely loves tape at the moment, so we just used that on this occasion). These are artificial autumn leaves from Craft Merrily, so I have no worries about how long they will last.

Autumn craft - fairy peg dolls

We always have plenty of real Autumn leaves too, since the boys love to collect these from the ground along with twigs and sticks. These materials are great to create a small world for your little Autumn fairies, along with any conkers, acorns or other autumn treasures you have collected. You could also use them in a sensory bin with some of this ginger and cinnamon cloud dough which also has an Autumn feel.

playing with autumn fairy peg people
Autumn fairy peg dolls kids craft for fall - really easy to make!
autumn leaf peg dolls

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Do you like to make peg people with your kids? What designs have you made?

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  1. Hi Anna,
    These peg dolls are so charming! Happy to have discovered them through Pinterest, and I included the link to this post in my round-up of “joyful reads for the weekend”, the autumn crafts edition–it’s in the “Related Articles” section at the bottom of the page, here:

    Looking forward to learning more creative ideas from you!


  2. What a great idea!! I had a similar one but using leaf doilies I found recently and trying to make a dress for a peg doll. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!


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