Autumn Tree Handprint Craft

Handprint crafts are so versatile and make fun keep sakes for any holiday or season. Here’s a simple Autumn or Fall handprint craft that we made and embellished with Autumn leaves.

Autumn Tree Handprint Craft

For this craft all you will need is:


Paint your child’s hand brown, or have them paint their own hand if old enough.

tree trunk hand print

Print on the paper to make the branches of the tree. Paint a little more to extend the trunk of the tree if you need to.

Add yellow, red or orange leaves by dotting finger prints along the branches. Why not add some at the bottom of the tree too, for leaves that have fallen down to the ground.

fingerprint handprint tree

Finally, use the Foam leaf stickers to add your finishing touches.

autumn leaves stickers

They add a lovely 3d textured effect to your Autumn tree craft

Autumn leaves handprint tree

And you’re done!

Even toddlers will enjoy doing this easy Autumn craft. It’s great for young kids since it’s nice and simple. Once the painting dries, you could stick it onto the front of a card with an Autumn poem inside.

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Autumn tree handprint craft for fall

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