How to Choose the Perfect Candy Gift

The time has come! A person who is important to you/loved one/cherished friend/etc. has a huge milestone birthday coming up! 

Or maybe they are having a rough time at work, and you want to send them a quick little pick me up.

What’s better for these sorts of events than lollies?

Lollies are one of the best things that you can purchase, and they make a great gift for lots of people! However, if you’re trying to choose the perfect candy gift for a special person in your life, there are some things you need to consider.

The perfect candy gift will only be a perfect gift if it works well for the recipient and if they’ll enjoy it.


When it comes to choosing the best gift for a friend or special person in your life, you must first make sure that you know them well enough to choose a good gift!

In the simplest version of this gift-giving example, you don’t want to get your friend who is severely allergic to tropical fruits watermelon-flavoured lollies.

That’s a very extreme example, but keep in mind that a perfect candy gift from a candy store is going to put a smile on the recipient’s face and a spring in their step. You need to know them well enough to have a basic inkling of what their favourite food profiles are, even if you don’t already know what their favourite candy is.

If you have a ballpark taste profile, you can reach out to an expert candy shop and ask them for suggestions. That way, you’re less likely to make a huge mistake when it comes to your gift-giving.


This one won’t necessarily affect how good or bad your gift appears to your friend, but it can harm you! When it comes to purchasing a gift, you should always try to have a budget.

The budget will make sure that you won’t be breaking the bank when it comes time to buy the gift for your friend. If you end up spending more money than you imagined on lollies, you might end up even resenting the gift.

It doesn’t seem like a perfect gift if you end up disliking the person who you’re getting it for because of a mistake that you made!

And you may think it seems silly to have a budget for buying candy from a candy shop, but truthfully, purchasing lollies can get to be quite pricy! If you have a budget, you can feel better about your purchase, even if you go a little bit over.

Just avoid the hassle and have an idea of your financial limits.

Time Frame

Although it might seem like a genius idea to get a gift of lollies from a candy shop for your friend/loved one, realize that many of these online candy shops will be beholden to shipping delays and the like. This might mean that your perfect gift will become slightly less perfect if it doesn’t arrive in time.

Ask For Help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all that you don’t know, but you’re still convinced that you want to surprise a friend/loved one with a perfect candy gift, all is not lost.

Reach out to a local candy shop – or even multiple local candy shops – and try to get a gauge for what candies are popular and what might be a must-have type of candy, no matter the person.

Choose A Good Supplier

If you’re looking for an online candy shop to help you with your gift, you should consider reaching out to Lolly Warehouse.

They’re a well-established and professional candy shop that works online and in person for all your sweet tooth needs. Whatever you desire when it comes to candy shop fun times, they can help you out. 


At the end of the day, getting a perfect gift is going to be nigh-impossible. There are so many factors that have to align to get anywhere close to perfection that chasing the idea might lead to a lot of stress.

Having said that, most people, should you surprise them with a gift, will love the fact that you thought of them, and they’ll be so happy that they got anything at all.

So, although choosing the candy won’t always make for a perfect gift, you’ll likely hit it out of the park and earn some positive points from the recipient.

Having said that, succeeding with the candies is also a good and easy way to win, too.

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