10 Greeting Card Designs Fit for Almost Any Occasion

Have you ever wondered how many holidays, events, and occasions a person celebrates per year?

Often it feels like a week can’t go without a special day requiring a greeting card, agree?

And while drawing and signing such cards by hand gives us warm feelings of thinking about loved ones and showing our care, sometimes this process can be time- and energy-consuming.

When in a rush to find tools and materials for drawing a card or choose and buy the right one at the last minute, there’s a decision:

Design a stylish, unique greeting card online!

10 Greeting Card Designs to Aww Your Dearests

Instruments like VistaCreate Greeting Card Maker offer hundreds of free templates you can customize in minutes to craft eye-pleasing, homelike greeting cards for any occasion.

Let’s check the ten most popular ones and see how to edit those beautiful templates even with no design skills under the belt.

1) Birthday cards

Surprise a birthday person with a creative greeting card of personalized design. Choose a template that best communicates the tone you want this card to have – and customize it accordingly.

What does a receiver like most? Will it be a joke that only you two understand, or maybe it’s better to go classic and decorate your card with flowers and balloons?

Think of something that will show how much you care: design a greeting card with elements a person appreciates (a photo of their favorite pet, a collage with movie characters, etc.).

2) Mother’s Day cards

It’s not just your biological parents to greet this day. Think of grandparents, your friends with kids, and other family members deserving some appreciation.

Design your cards with an extra personal touch for each receiver: Feel free to include their kids’ drawings, photos, and  funny texts related to their family dynamic.

Also, you can encourage your kids to choose a template and craft an original gift for their dads or grandparents.

3) Thank-you cards

This greeting card design works for any occasion. Pick a template you feel will communicate your message best whenever you want to show appreciation or express your gratitude.

The best thing about thank-you cards is that you can send them to anyone: your kid’s teacher, a neighbor, a friend, a client, or a relative.

Personalize your design with positive language, bubble fonts, and funny mascots, or think of a more formal structure and tone, depending on your relationship with a recipient.

4) I’m-sorry cards

We all make mistakes and are often too shy or embarrassed to ask forgiveness in person. If that’s the case, sincere I’m-sorry cards become true saviors helping us voice the sentiments.

It’s that very moment when a picture’s worth thousands of words, so don’t hesitate to design a card to let a person know that you worry about the situation.

5) Christmas cards

This “most wonderful time of the year” often turns into the most challenging one: Everyone sends greetings to friends and families, and everyone gets frustrated by tons of greeting cards that look the same.

It’s time to change that this year: Design an original greeting card for each recipient you’re going to felicitate on Christmas.

Personalize it with a hand-drawn picture of your kid or your own, add a photo of your family, and think of unique text wishes that make your card unique.

6) Valentine’s Day cards

Don’t you think it’s time to break this kingdom of red, pink, and violet with other colors and original wishes?

Valentine’s Day is when we appreciate love and care, so why not surprise your sweethearts and friends with anything funnier and cuter than “roses are red”-style cards?

7) Friendship cards

Our close friends are worth kind words and appreciation, so let’s tell them about it with a creative card!

Choose original designs to show your care, wish them a good day, or just make your friend smile.

The best part of this card design is that you don’t need to wait for special occasions. Send it whenever you want.

8) Motivational cards

Bad days and moods happen to all of us, and a greeting card with kind words of support may become that tiny thing we need to understand we aren’t alone, and everything’s going to be okay.

Or, it may turn into that very kick in the back we needed to start moving.

9) Invitation cards

Planning a children’s birthday party outdoors? Going to celebrate an anniversary?

Or, do you have an upcoming wedding, and it’s time to let your guests know about it?

Whatever the occasion, you might want to invite people with a beautifully designed card they won’t find in shops or online.

Yes, templates are many; but it’s up to you to craft and personalize them the best way possible.

10) Entertaining cards

Why wait for a special occasion to surprise your kid, friends, siblings, or parents?

Let it be a card with the word of encouragement or support or just a funny pic to make them smile. Such tiny tokens of appreciation always make us closer.

Crafting Original Card Designs With VistaCreate

“Okay, templates are great, but how can I design beautiful cards from there?” you may ask.

Here we go:

VistaCreate is a free graphic design tool for non-designers to craft beautiful visuals for personal and professional needs.

Their customizable templates and a user-friendly editor serve to help you create original designs, and a greeting card is among 75+ design formats you can choose.

All the templates are crafted to make your dearest people smile. So, browse the collection, choose a card, personalize it the way you want, and send it to a receiver to make them feel cherished on their special day.

That’s how to do that, step by step:

1) Select a “Card” format in the VistaCreate search bar.

2) Then, you can specify your search even further and select templates by occasion.

3) Once you find the perfect template for your needs, it’s time to personalize it. 

Use VistaCreate’s drag-and-drop editor to resize your card, add or remove objects from it, change colors and fonts, or embellish it with animations, frames, and funny stickers.

Just don’t be shy to unleash your creativity and craft a greeting card your family or friends will admire. When a card is ready, save it to a computer to surprise your dearests later or share it on social media at once for them to see your care.

So, what will be your first greeting card to design today?

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