How Changing Your Hairstyle Can Improve Your Mood

I love changing hairstyles. I think our hair says a lot about how we feel and can also change our mood almost instantly.

Whenever I am feeling a little low or need a pick me up, I will do something with my hair. In this post we will share a few easy ways to change your hairstyle especially with the Festive Season around the corner.

Changing your hair can have a significant psychological and social effect on your mood and environment.

 Changing your hair can do wonders for how you feel about yourself. For example, if you are feeling down, you might want to change the colour of your hair in order to lift your mood and make it seem like a new day has started.

Some people like to change their hair every few months, while others like to keep it the same. Whether you are looking for a new style or you just want to change your look, hair styles can make a huge difference. Your mood can also change when you get a new haircut.

If you were looking for an excuse to change your hairstyle, Christmas and New Year is here and we will give you some really cool ideas. I am constantly changing my hair. 

Below are some of the most popular hairstyles for women this year:

Longer hair with hair Extensions

An easy way of changing your hair without causing any harm is using hair extensions.

Hair extensions are often used when people need to add length or volume to their existing hair. This can be done in order to mimic different hairstyles that the person may not be able to do with their own hair such as curly or straight.

My go to are the clip on extensions. They are so quick and easy to install and look fabulous. You can play around with textures and colours. 

If you want to give it a try Clip Hair Limited is doing a black friday sale and you could save up to £60 on all orders! Their extensions are top quality and the hair extensions are not only made from the finest quality hair but are ethically sourced too. 

 The Boyish Cut

The boyish cut is perfect for someone who likes short, messy styles or wants to try something different without having to get too drastic with their look.

The Lob

The lob is ideal for someone who wants something that’s more feminine and has less maintenance than just straight long hair.

The Bob

The bob is perfect if you ever find yourself in between wanting long hair and short hair 

As you probably read on previous posts, I have thick curly hair and a few years back I decided to keep it natural. This means that I can’t or will not make drastic changes on my hair because I am too scared of it getting damage.

So whenever I am feeling a bit low or just need a boost on my self esteem I will change my hairstyle.

Learning to embrace and love my natural hair came with the responsibility of looking after it properly. And that sometimes means I have to do things myself.

I learned many ways to care for my hair especially what we call protective styles. That involves keeping your natural hair protected so it grows healthy while not causing any harm to the actual hair.


My go to options are box braids. I watched a few Youtube tutorials and after some practice I am very confident with how it looks. I get lots of compliments and I love how versatile and pretty it is. It also gives me the chance to be very playful with it.

I have tried many different colours with it. From natural colours like black, brown, blonde to pink and purple. I love to experiment with the different colours and of how it instantly affects how I feel.

Hair has been a tool of empowerment for women for centuries. From making changing their hair to match their personality to the freedom of cutting it short without social implications, women have been using their hair as a form of self-expression for centuries.

Just as with clothes, hair styles are another costume that we put on every day to express our mood or personality.

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