Our Best Short Hairstyles You Should Try

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Our Best Short Hairstyles You Should Try

No matter the time of the year, you will find these short hairstyles  suitable for you. During the winter, short hairstyles are preferred because of their convenience.

You don’t have to bother about catching those long strands in your jacket zip, which is pretty frustrating. Again, during the summer, you remain cool and refreshed.

Fortunately, there are so many short haircuts to try that you will enjoy wearing throughout the year — however, this time you have to be different and rock different styles of short hairstyles.

You have to dodge your comfort zone of wearing the usual short haircuts. Here, we have compiled ultra-shiny, silky and smooth haircuts for you to try. From conventional crops to layered bobs, these short hairstyles will leave people fascinated with your style.

Whatever your style, try these 8 simple hacks to make your hairstyle look better

Image credit: Aleksandr Stebunov on Instagram

  1. Curly Shoulder Cut.

Length shouldn’t be a bother to you anymore with this haircut. Short hairstyles 2019 let your spirals glow.

  1. Fringed Shoulder Cut.

Regardless of the shape of your face, there will always be a bang style that will appear glamorous with the short hairstyle of your choice.

  1. Glass Bob.

It is a smooth, sleek and silky haircut. It perfectly grazes your shoulders, which is pretty flattering.

  1. Long Fringe Layers.

This short haircut rocks those cheekbones as if it was meant for it. What a graceful way to usher in the New Year, we think so.

Image Credit: DodieJayHair on Instagram

  1. Bold Blunt Cut.

Welcome the women’s day with a fierce bob. Between the bright copper shade and the choppy blunt ends, this hairstyle is a big deal.

  1. Collarbone Cut.

No need to stress over styling since this collarbone cut solves everything for you. The extended layers enhance movement and touch to this style.

  1. 90s-Inspired Bob.

Undoubtedly, this was a popular haircut in the 90s, and it is among the best short hairstyles 2019. The haircut is a sure way to steal the show if styled well. 

  1. Choppy Crop.

Nothing perfectly matches icy platinum blonde like a standard pixie haircut. It revitalises the colours to new levels.

  1. Side Swept Lob.

What difference can be made by bangs and layers? Layers and bangs can make a significant difference in any haircut. For this one, the effect of adding the layers is quite noticeable. The look is sassier and soft.

  1. 10.Shaggy Layers.

We need to incorporate choppy bangs and layers in our short hairstyles 2019. They are magical and constitute a significant signature for most styles such as this. 

  1. 11.Pinned -Back Bob.

Women cannot hide their love for this pinned-back haircut. We are poised to see more of these classy bobs in years to come. But for now, why not try this and see how it comes out for you?

  1. 12.Angled Lob.

First stop of best hairstyles 2019. The epitome of fresh cut and shade. This beautifully angled bob matched with fiery copper colour is appealing.

  1. 13.Soft Shag.

Image Credit: Anna Maria Theresia on Instagram

The short haircuts 2019 is all about volume and texture. Trimming your curly hair while it is still dry is the best way to achieve the correct shape, especially when cutting a layered style. 

  1. 14.Asymmetrical Long Bob.

Haven’t you tried this yet? You are missing so much fun. The asymmetrical bob is flattering on most face shapes and ideal for both informal and formal occasions.

  1. 15.Vintage Lob.

Let’s embrace traditional vibes. This look is a perfect transition when you are not yet prepared to go short.

  1. 16.Boyish Pixie.

Show your bravery and boldness in 2019, by embracing this super short pixie haircut. It attracts attention to your cheekbones, and they do what they are supposed to do-perform all the talking. 

  1. 17.Voluminous Lob.

Volume is an essential ingredient in any hairstyle. Layered with minimal cuts, this haircuts frames your face in the most beautiful way.

  1. 18.Volume-Packed Texture.

Maintain the texture of your hair rolling throughout the year as long as this cut is concerned. The cropped haircut gives enough space for the coils to breathe.

  1. 19.Relaxed Lob.

Subtle layering around the face can have an immense effect on your look. This lob is low maintenance haircut you cannot avoid.

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