6 Original Gift Ideas For Your Dad

The holiday season is approaching rapidly, meaning it is high time to start looking for gifts for your friends and family if you don’t want to do it at the last minute. This way, you can avoid fighting through crowded malls or waiting for deliveries with extended shipping times due to the peak season.


When it comes to choosing gifts for your loved ones, you want them to be meaningful, useful, and unique — ideally, all of these things at once, but meeting at least one of these criteria will work nicely.


In this article, we will focus on helping you choose the right gift for your father. Not just “any” gift, either! Below, you will find a list of several original ideas for your dad, including a digital tape measure, an air fryer, engraved sunglasses, or even gun accessories, among many other things. Continue reading to choose something that will suit your father’s liking best.


Gun Accessories

If your dad is a gun enthusiast, buying gun accessories for his collection can be a fun gift idea. Many accessories are available for guns — cleaning kits, storage boxes, display cases, gun safes, etc. These items can be purchased separately or as part of a kit, depending on your budget.


You can also purchase them online; this way, you can check out the various options available as well as some coupons like Palmetto State Armory discount codes before making your purchase. When it comes to purchasing gun accessories online, there are some other things that you should keep in mind:


  • choose only reputable vendors that offer excellent service,
  • make sure that you choose accessories based on your dad’s needs,
  • make sure that the product is within your budget,
  • make sure that the shipping is fast and free.

If you follow these tips, your experience will be pleasant, and your dad will like his gun accessory gift!


Cigars If your father is one of those types of people who likes to spend their evenings relaxing with an expensive glass of brandy or wine, then introducing him to Cuban cigars will definitely make his pastime more enjoyable. Originally, cigars are about enjoyment and savouring the moment and for this, there are many types and flavours of cigars so that everyone can find the perfect one for themselves.


Bolivar, Punch cigars, Montecristo No4, Trinidad Vigia can be a good gift for your dad thanks to a combination of quality, value, and taste. Montecristo No4 will be perfect not only for serious aficionados but also for beginners as it has a medium-strength with the notes of coffee, wood, spice and sweet cream. If you want something more luxurious and value a unique packaging as well then punch cigars will be the right choice, because they are made to burn slow and cool in order to impart flavour in a steady way.


Protective Phone Case

Phones have become crucial companions that end up with us for long periods, by being our music players, navigation devices, and of course, a tool of communication. But with them constantly changing and becoming bigger, with screens covering 50% of the device, bigger cameras, and therefore more easily damageable, a protective phone case is a must. This is why it can become a perfect gift too! 

No one needs to stick to those black flip cases anymore! Even the newest iPhone 13 Pro Max phone case can be both protective and stylish! Burga has over 120 phone cases that keep the phone safe and sound while looking extraordinary! You can also customize the case by adding your own touch and making the gift even more personal!

Digital Tape Measure

One of the essential tools in any craftsman’s bag is a tape measure. The problem with regular tape measures is their size — they are cumbersome, and oftentimes, you need to measure something in an area where there is no place to set the tape measure down. This is where digital tape measures come in handy.


The basic functionality is the same, but digital tape measures are collapsible and offer many additional features, including recording measurements to memory, which makes it easier to keep track of them. Another advantage of this measuring tool is its size — it is much easier to carry around than a regular tape measure, and it can fit in your pocket without any problems.


Air Fryer

If your father’s health isn’t what it used to be, he could benefit from an air fryer. Air fryers are the latest trend in cooking appliances, but they are not just a passing fad — they are much healthier than frying food in oil because the food is cooked in very little oil or fat. It makes these items perfectly suitable for people who are on diets or are trying to avoid fats.


Air fryers are also straightforward to use — they don’t require much attention once you set them up, so you can make delicious meals without having to babysit the food. They are also very versatile, as they allow you to fry, bake, roast, or even steam food. Finally, high-end air fryers have several safety features, including an automatic shut-off function, so you don’t have to worry about leaving food unattended.


Solar Power Charger

Many of us spend a lot of time outdoors. While some people go camping from time to time, others like to hike through some secluded areas. In any case, many folks spend a lot of time away from home and away from electrical outlets where they can charge their phones or other electronic devices. Solar power chargers are invaluable in situations like these.

Solar power chargers are small, portable, and they can be carried anywhere. They are great for camping or hiking trips, but they are also suitable for long car rides with kids.


The most significant benefit of solar power chargers is their versatility. You can charge your phone, tablet, camera, GPS device, MP3 player, etc. They can even be connected to a laptop to charge the laptop’s battery! Furthermore, they are very cheap — you can get one for less than $30.


Electric Shaver

If your dad is tired of using cheap disposable razors and old-fashioned shaving brushes, then an electric shaver can be a great gift idea. Electric shavers are convenient to use and very easy to clean. Furthermore, they do not require any additional equipment or accessories, and you can use them everywhere and anytime.


Electric shavers come in many different styles and price ranges; you can choose between rotary and foil shavers and between wet and dry shavers.

Engraved Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be an outstanding gift for anyone: men and women alike. We all like to look stylish and fashionable, and sunglasses allow us to do that without compromising our vision. But most sunglasses aren’t engraved; this makes them rather uninteresting. If you want to make your dad smile, choose a pair of engraved sunglasses for him!


Several companies offer custom engraving services for sunglasses; they can put anything you want on the glass lens (e.g., your name, a company logo or slogan, a monogram). You can also have the side arms engraved with a special message or a quote that means a lot to your father.


The Bottom Line

The gift you get for your father can be of great help in his everyday life, or it can be an excellent source of enjoyment and relaxation, taking a load off your dad’s shoulders. With that being said, he will surely cherish whatever you give him. Whether it is a brand-new electric shaver or a digital tape measure — he will appreciate the gesture.


Remember that it is the thought that counts. If you put your heart into finding the best gift for your dad, he will be grateful for all the attention you give him. Have fun and good luck!

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