Hidden Words Activity – Marvin’s Magic Pens

When young children are learning to read, the key is to practise as much as possible but at the same time you don’t want to make it into a chore for them. I came up with this hidden words activity using Marvin’s Magic Pens and my 4 year old daughter was begging me to write more and more words for her to discover.

Magic pens allow you to erase or colour change your drawings and so much fun to experiment with.

The packet of magic pens comes with multiple colours of felt pen, as well as “magic pens” which are the ones that will colour change or erase.

To make this activity you just need to use the magic pens to write onto paper, which will be invisible until your child colours over the top to discover it. You can use this method to hide anything – shapes, numbers, letters, a whole secret message… but for N I mostly hid some little 3 letter CVC words so that she could discover them and try sounding them out.

Some of the pens in the packet are erasable (as above) and some are colour changing (as below)

These type of pens are a classic fun activity that has stood the test of time as I remember using this type of pen as a child too, but they are just as fun today.

You can also use them to create any drawings or pictures that you like. The possibilities are endless

Do you recognise who this super villain is? R’s favourite character to draw…

Marvin’s Magic 25 Amazing Magic Pens cost £14.99 from MarvinsMagic.com

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