A Little Bit Of Our New Life In The Countryside

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By Luciana Oliveira

My family and I have recently moved to Wales. We live in a small village and we absolutely love it here. Having always lived in big cities, being in the countryside is a big change but I couldn’t be happier. There is so much to see and do and so many outdoor areas to visit. It is very refreshing to be in such a quiet and friendly area. My daughter loves being outdoors and where we live there are so many things to do and so close to our new house. I will share a bit more with you on this post.

Wales is beautiful. Even though we haven’t been here for long and haven’t had much of an opportunity to visit lots of places, I have done so much research and by the little that I see I am already very excited for what is in the horizon. We live in a village just on the border with England. Is surrounded by fields and farms and farm animals. 

Just across from our house there is a donkey sanctuary and you can meet all the farm animals and also feed them. Once you are out of the house you take a few steps and you can see the stables in a distance. It is such a different sight from someone born and raised in the city. My daughter loves animals and the fact that they are so accessible makes it so much fun. 

We also have a little pony living next door to our garden called Mo. When my daughter comes back from school she rushes to the back garden to feed Mo some carrots. Mo spends most of the day in roaming freely in her back garden or in her little stable at the back. She is very friendly and her and my daughter are becoming best friends. 

Overall I feel very lucky that my Izzy gets to experience these beautiful opportunities growing up. I would have loved to have grown surrounded by wild life, farms and fields and a next door pony. I know moving can be quite a stressful situation but I would have done it all over again. I just know we will be very happy here.


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