Halilit Sounds of the Forest Book & Instrument Gift Set Review

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Halilit Sounds of the Forest is a really sweet and unique little gift set with a story book, which comes along with a matching owl themed musical instrument. The story and the owl whistle work together perfectly and it’s a lovely way to encourage your child to get involved with the story.

The gift set comes in a box containing the story book, which is a board book with thick cardboard pages to make it toddler friendly, and the owl musical instrument.

I’ve been enjoying the story together with my toddler N, who is nearly 2 years old, and she absolutely loves it. Having the owl whistle to accompany the story adds an extra element of excitement and she has really enjoyed trying her best to blow and create the owl hooting sounds to accompany each page (sometimes successfully and sometimes not – but she enjoys it either way!)

The story itself is a very sweet tale of a baby owl waiting for it’s mum. Every time the little owl hears a sound in the forest he wonders if it could be mummy owl – but each time it’s someone else, from the crunching squirrel to the flapping bat. Eventually he hears the hooting sound and he knows that it must be mummy owl coming with his food!

This is a lovely simple story that’s easy for young toddlers like N to follow and enjoy, and you can practise all of the animal noises together as you read. The combination of the book and the instrument is a great way to encourage a love of reading, and of making music together.

Here you can hear the sound of the owl musical instrument from my Instagram video. It really does sound like an owl so it’s very effective!

You can buy this Sounds of the Forest gift set from stores including Jo Jo Maman Bebe, or Debenhams (currently on sale!) Also available on Amazon. It’s very reasonably priced and would make a lovely and different gift for any baby or toddler.

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