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As part of the Blogger Board Game Club, we’ve been sharing a few board game reviews over the past few months, and now it’s time to tell you about our last game – SET. This is a quick paced card game, that focuses on visual perception.

The game comes in a small box, and includes 81 cards all with differently coloured shapes and patterns on them. The concept of the game is simple – to find as many “sets” as possible, to become the winner.

For a group of three cards to be a “set” the patterns, shapes and colours on those three cards need to be either all the same, or all different. Otherwise, if there are two things the same and one different for example, then it’s not a true set and does not count.

The game is fast paced with no turns, any player can just shout out SET at any time and then point out the three cards that they believe to be a set. If it is a true set, then they take those cards and more cards are added to the table for the play to continue. The game can be played with any number of players – as many as you can fit around your table – or even be played alone to challenge yourself and hone your skills.

The game is recommended as suitable for age 6+ but I would say this may depend on the child. We played with our older children aged 7-10 and actually found the game could be a little frustrating at times because we would have quite a few disagreements on whether certain cards counted as a SET, even though there is an instruction book included which gives plenty of examples of which SETs would count or not.

Although the concept of the game is simple in theory, we did have trouble keeping it moving at a quick pace due to this, and found that unlike our other games from Asmodee, we did not really click with this game, and we enjoyed our other Blogger Board Game Club games more: Pandemic and Cobra Paw.

SET is a multi award winning game, and I have heard positive reviews from other families, so it is worth giving it a try for yourself. The game is available from shops including Amazon for around RRP 12.99

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