Glue resist is a popular painting technique for kids. You draw a design or picture on to your page, and then paint over the top with watercolours once it’s dry, to see the glue lines resist the paint and the design show through underneath.

R and I decided to experiment with the glue resist technique by using glitter glue instead of plain white glue. It didn’t “resist” the paint in the same way as white glue, but the design did still show though. It was a really fun process art activity and one that I’m sure we will go back to again in future.

Glitter glue resist process art painting activity for kids. Perfect for rainy day fun


For this activity, you will need:

  • Glitter glue in a squeeze bottle (Ours was from Hobbycraft but you could try one like this)
  • Paper (watercolour paper or card stock will be better, but the pictures you see here are done on plain A4 paper)
  • Watercolour paint. (These are done with liquid watercolours)
  • Paint brushes
  • Straw (optional)

squeezing out glitter glueSqueezing out the glitter glue is always fun and fascinating for little ones, and the squeezing motion is good for their hand strength too.

After squeezing out the glue, R used a straw to spread it around the page into swirls. This is optional, and depends how accurate your child is able to be when squeezing directly from the bottle. We did it because he squeezed a lot in one place, and we wanted it to dry a little quicker (you still need to wait a while!)



R used the straw to help draw circles with the glitter glue, and then we left it to dry.

Once it’s all dried, have fun painting over the top with your watercolours.

IMG_8223You will see the glitter and the glue marks showing through the paint which is a fun effect for kids to experiment with.


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Glitter glue resist process art painting activity for kids. Perfect for rainy day fun