Getting Your Kids Interested In Gardening

Kids love the outside world, even if they don’t spend all too much time out there. After all, the world outdoors is full of magic and wonder, in the form of plants and animals and places to explore, and that’s incredibly appealing to us even as adults! 

However, your child may spend too much time indoors right now, or in front of a screen, and you’re getting worried. You want their hobbies to diversify a little more, and one of the best things to get them interested in right now is gardening

It’s a great use of time outside, it’s educational, and it’s fun! And with that in mind, let’s go through ways to encourage your child to get out there with a trowel and seeds of their own. 

Buy Some Smaller Tools

You’ve got a lot of gardening tools already, but they’re all made to fit your hands. Your kids are going to need smaller, more manageable tools of their own, to make sure they’re safe whilst gardening and also able to enjoy themselves. Using a tool you can’t physically pick up is quite frustrating, after all! 

Thankfully, there are many child friendly versions of the tools you use every day. You can get them their own little trowel and spade, as well as a hand-held rake, and even a pint size watering can. And not only that, but if your child knows they have their own set of tools, gardening is going to feel even more special! 

Let Them Pick the Seeds

Kids love to have a bit of creative freedom, especially when it comes to ‘adult’ things like maintaining a garden, so give them a bit of room here and let them pick the seeds they want to plant. It’ll be a great way to get them involved at the early stage, and give them a little bit of responsibility that all kids respond to in a great way. 

So take your child along to Poplar Nurseries and let them go wild in the seed packet section! Of course, if the seeds are exotic enough to require a greenhouse, you’ll have to put a bit of guidance in, but otherwise, let them loose to find the prettiest or most interesting plants that they’ll love having a hand in cultivating. 

Give Them a Special Space

Your garden is very much an ongoing project. You want it to have a cohesive layout, even if it’s a wild garden, and you want to section it out for planting, socialising, and natural beauty. And within this layout, give your child a space of their own too. 

Now this can be a small window box, or it can be part of the lawn, or you could even help them build a gardening fort of their own. Get creative, add a bit of imagination, and your child will love spending time in a section just for them. 

Do your kids love gardening? They soon will with the tips above!

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