All about raw chocolate plus a delicious recipe

The Aztecs believed that the cocoa tree was a gift from God. And the use of its fruits helps spiritual insight, gives wisdom and physical strength. Even before the Aztecs, the Maya performed magic rituals and marriage ceremonies with a drink made from cocoa beans. 

The conquistadors brought this magic drink to Europe in the 16th century. For a very long time, chocolate was an expensive treat for the elite because production was difficult and the ingredients were expensive. Chocolate contains about 1200 nutrients: calcium, magnesium, theobromine, flavonoids and natural antioxidants – catechins.

Chocolate invigorates, gives pleasure, and brings invaluable benefits to our body in various aspects. It improves blood circulation, increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It slows down the ageing process and stimulates the production of endorphins – hormones of happiness.

But the commercial chocolate we buy in stores is made from ingredients that have gone through multiple mechanical processes: it has been heated to high temperatures several times, and ingredients have been added to improve storage, appearance, and cost reduction. Commercial chocolate is made with a lot of refined sugar. 

So it’s best to ditch store-bought chocolate in favour of raw chocolate. You can buy yummy and healthy raw chocolate at My Raw Joy store. You should replace your favourite candies and chocolates with this healthy product. 

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But what is raw chocolate? As you already know, any quality chocolate is based on cocoa beans, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and a small amount of sugar. The difference between raw chocolate and conventional industrially prepared chocolate is the lack of heat treatment. Cocoa beans for making “live” chocolate are not roasted. Therefore, they emit much fewer secondary aromas, and the taste of such sweetness seems less intense.

When buying raw chocolate, you should also remember that roasting is not a waste of time. This is a process necessary to remove fungi and microorganisms from cocoa beans. 


From the initial processing of cocoa beans to the process of making chocolate – the temperature is controlled. Such chocolate retains the maximum natural health benefits of cocoa beans. It is made from just three ingredients – cocoa butter, cocoa powder and unrefined coconut or cane sugar. Why coconut? This sugar has the lowest glycemic index among sugars. All ingredients for making raw chocolate are taken of the highest quality with an organic mark. It can be prepared with the addition of freeze-dried berries, nuts, essential oils, citrus peel, goji berries, hemp seeds. All possible combinations are difficult to enumerate and even difficult to imagine. 

You can even make it yourself at home. Making chocolate is life-changing creativity. Not only can you delight your receptors and your mind with a sweet and tasty treat, but you can also benefit your body.

This is an aromatherapy session and meditation at the same time. Try this simple recipe. 


  • 200 gr. cocoa butter;
  • 100 gr. cocoa powder;
  • 100 gr. coconut sugar;
  •  50 gr. dry orange peel. 

Choose products labelled raw and organic! 

Finely chop the cocoa butter, grind the sugar in a coffee grinder. Place a bowl of cocoa butter, sugar, and cocoa powder in a water bath. The bottom of the bowl should not touch the water, and the water should not boil. Stir occasionally. Controlling the temperature, bring the mixture to 42-45 degrees. Be careful not to overheat the mixture. Temperature can be measured with any cooking thermometer. The more attentive you are to the temperature, the more useful and better the result will be. Transfer to a stainless bowl. While stirring, cool the mixture to 30-32 degrees. Pour into moulds and add the zest. Refrigerate for 30-40 minutes. That’s all, pamper yourself!

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