A kid-friendly guide Tips to grow tomatoes in your garden

Gardening is the best way to spend some quality time with children. Growing tomatoes with your offspring will not only introduce fun elements but will also interest them to grow plants and eat vegetables. If your children are not fond of eating tomatoes, planting the seed and let them keep an eye on the plant growth will encourage them to eat tomatoes.

There are plenty of good reasons to grow the best tomatoes planters with children. Much research has shown that children who indulge themselves in gardening are more likely to eat vegetables. These children are more inclined to get a better understanding of nutrition.


Fun ways to grow tomatoes with children

Upside down growing technique

Growing cherry tomatoes in the air will sound very interesting to your children. This helps to keep the child close to the plant growth. All you need to do is to follow the right technique and the outcome will speak for itself.

According to some researchers, keeping a child close to the plant growth helps in evolving their minds and how they perceive things.

Talking about benefits, this technique is one of the most space-efficient and productive ways to grow cherry tomatoes.

The upside-down technique goes well with cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes. As the plant grows to be small it will be convenient for kids to manage the plant.

Steps to do

  • You can use a medium-size bucket and cut a hole about 3 inches.
  • Select the seedling that you are about to plant. Choose healthy and sturdy plants for this process.
  • Pass the root of the best tomato planter through the hole and fill it with damp soil. Sounds fun? Make sure to damp the soil before filling, do not use your yard’s soil.
  • Hang the plant at a place where it will get 5-6 hours of sunlight.
  • Water the plant twice a day if you reside in a hotter region, otherwise stick to once a day.

Fencing method

Hyperactive children will like this as it requires a little effort. If you have space in your backyard, give this a try. The best part, you grow tomatoes for a longer period. You need to guide your child throughout the process.

This method is widely used for farming too. The growth of the plant will be exciting as tomatoes are creepers and they will look quite beautiful around your fence.

Roma tomatoes are ideal for the fencing method. You can even try growing tomatoes on the vine and heirloom tomatoes. These techniques are a little difficult to execute but can be very exciting for the kids.

Steps to do

  • You can make your fence with the children, let their creativity flow.
  • Choose a spot and water the place before planting the seed. You can even water the place for a day and plant it the next day.
  • Dig a hole of 1 inch with the help of a wooden spatula and place the plant. Use the best tomato planters for farming.
  • Water the plant twice and keep checking on it. Sprinkle pesticides after the plant is fully grown. Keep it in a place safe from bugs.

Caging method

A healthy tomato plant can grow into vigorous vines. By caging the plant you can make the plant grow in an upward direction. It will keep the fruit up from the ground. This can be an activity of your personalized children camp.

How to involve children in this process

  • Ask the children to get wooden sticks in the backyard.
  • Make a cage by digging holes in the ground.
  • Plant the seed and make a close circle.
  • Mark the spots where they need to dig holes.
  • Let them manage the stick implantation.
  • Later on, show them how to tie the string around the sticks.

This will make your child realize the efforts made for growing vegetables. The children who grow plants eat healthily throughout their life and do not waste food.

In a window box

If you want your children to appreciate nature, then planting tomatoes on a window box can be a great option. Whether you know it or not? Keeping children near nature during their growth years have proven to be very beneficial. Their mind tends to grow when they observe a fruit plant from every day.

For this, you can use any tomato plant you want. Try planting cocktail tomatoes and green beefsteak tomatoes. These plants do not grow red fruits so it will be a nice change that will interest the children.

However, this method has its own set of drawbacks but still is a popular way to grow tomatoes with children.


According to Morris and Zidenberg-Cherr, children involved in plantations tend to consume a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. The whole process of growing tomatoes is very easy to manage. Plus, it will help you save some extra bucks.

Choose the best tomato planters for the best results. Healthy seedlings lead to good outcomes.


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