3 Productive Ideas for Studying from Home

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With all this time that many of us have had at home over the past year and a half with lockdowns, it has given a lot of time to think and re-evaluate. For so many people, this has given us the push to re-evaluate what we are doing with our lives, what our goals are, and whether we would prefer to go in a different direction. 

If you have used this time for self reflection and want to make some changes, one of the first steps can be studying from home to get yourself the qualifications and background knowledge that will be needed to take the plunge into your chosen new career, and follow your passion. 

You can study courses online from good quality providers such as Distance Learning Centre and earn qualifications to allow you to progress your career, or start something new. Distance Learning Centre is one of the leading and longest established suppliers of self-study distance learning courses in the UK and with our popular combination of supported open learning and innovative course materials, students are guaranteed an exceptional learning experience.

Here are three productive ideas of courses that you can study, to help kick start your life into a new career or a new direction. If you are not happy with your current situation – it’s never too late to take charge, and start something new. 

Counselling and Psychology Courses

If your passion is helping others, understanding how our minds work, and how humans relate to each other, then studying courses on the counselling and psychology topics could be a great fit. You can even study courses on criminology and forensics, as well as counselling, child psychology, educational psychology and more. The possibilities are endless and it’s great that you can narrow down your exact area of study to get exactly what you want out of taking up one of these courses. 

Beauty Courses

Maybe you have a passion for beauty, or health and well being. There are so many options to go into such as taking a nail technician course, aromatherapy, beauty therapy, nutrition, weight management and more. These skills will allow you to start up a business offering these services to your new customers, and have plenty of flexibility in whether you work for a salon or set up working for yourself with all of the flexibility that this option offers. 

Childcare Courses

If you have a passion for working with children, child development and education then taking a teaching assistant course or a childcare course would be a great option, opening the door for a great career to fit in around your family and your own children. Distance Learning Centre have a wide range of courses leading to Ofqual Regulated Qualifications, including courses for those just starting out who don’t have a placement to full vocational qualifications for those working or volunteering in Schools. The childcare courses offer options whether you would prefer to go into home based childcare, or work in a setting, and want to develop a deeper understanding of the Early Years. 

These are just a few of the many options available to study. Whatever you are interested in, studying from home is a great way to get the qualifications and learning that you need to help kickstart your career in a new direction, ultimately helping you towards a new and more fulfilled life. Good luck!

If you need more hints and tips on developing productivity to achieve your goals, check out these blogger tips on how to be more productive – I hope it helps!

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3 thoughts on “3 Productive Ideas for Studying from Home”

  1. This is a great post! I like studying psychology courses and learning about human behavior. I also got enrolled in Oxford Learning College, which is one of the world’s leading distance education providers.

  2. Thank you for sharing such interesting ideas!
    I’m the kind of person who easily loses concentration. I work and study (ok, I try) from home and feel very inefficient. I have a large to-do list in my head, including such things as “cook the lunch before the hubby come”, “load the laundry”, and the like. I understand that I need to deal exclusively with work tasks during the workday, but I can’t forget about all that home stuff when at home. Eh, this is a big problem for me.


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