Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With These 90s Nostalgic Gift Ideas

The 90s was arguably a decade filled with cultural highs. Turning on the radio and you would be graced with the melodies and rhymes of the Spice Girls, Wu-Tang Clan and also Nirvana.

A trip to the cinema meant you watched cult classics such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Home Alone, Clueless and even Groundhog Day.

If you chose to stay home, playing on your small screens was iconic shows like Twin Peaks, Fresh Prince and the golden era of one of the longest-running TV shows, The Simpsons.

Those born in the early 90s will be celebrating turning 30, a milestone birthday that sparks both joy and fear. As such, when finding ways to celebrate this milestone birthday that comes with mixed emotions, it can be challenging to find something to do.

It can even be difficult to find the perfect present to gift them that is both meaningful and that they will enjoy. One of the best routes to take when it comes to celebrating a milestone birthday is to go nostalgic.

Fortunately, the power of nostalgia has been proven to uplift a person’s spirit when they are feeling low. Since celebrating a milestone birthday, like your 30th, can be tough – transporting a person back to the 90s with old-school gifts and treats is one of the best routes to take. If you find yourself struggling for unique birthday ideas, or just want a trip down memory lane, here are just a few 90s inspired gift ideas that will leave you feeling a touch nostalgic.

Taste The 90s

Transport someone back to the days of going into the corner shop to buy sweets after school. The 90s were arguably the peak of sweets quality, with what felt like an endless choice of treats available. Whether it is dolly mixtures or dip dabs, sherbet lemons, pear drops or strawberry bonbons – these sweet delights can unlock wonderful memories from childhood that may have long been forgotten. You can either purchase a selection of various sweets to add in as filler presents for your loved one or you can order a hamper that is brimming with these sugary treats. Since there is a demand for these classic sweets, you can find Retro Sweet Hampers from businesses such as the Sweet Hamper Company. These retro sweet hampers are bursting with classics from throughout the decades, even featuring treats that you have forgotten about. Retro sweets are a perfect way to dip into the past as the pick ‘n’ mix favourites taste a bit of sweet nostalgia. Also, these nostalgic sweets make a perfect present for those celebrating a milestone birthday, such as their 30th.

All Fun And Games

Almost all home birthday parties, sleepovers or time spent with friends included at least one board game being played. Games such as Twister, Dream Phone, Perfection, Guess Who, Ker-Plunk!, Shark Attack! and Mouse Trap could be found in the homes of most families. What a way to celebrate a milestone birthday, then with gifting one of these iconic games and reminiscing on the days where you spent hours playing them. However, it doesn’t have to be a board game. Throughout the 90s, numerous toys and gadgets constantly topped the bestseller lists and most desired items for Christmas. Tamagotchi, Furby, Crazy Bones and Troll Dolls were wanted by almost all young people in the 90s, as they were considered the best toy to have. Although created before the 90s, toys such as the Magic 8 Ball and Rubik’s Cube were still extremely popular during this era. Luckily, both are still readily available at affordable costs. You might want to confer with the Magic 8 Ball if such classic toys would make the perfect present for your loved one.

The 90s saw the introduction of games consoles that defined a generation and broke the realms of possibility with what was possible in gaming. For instance, the Nintendo Game Boy Colour was a revolutionary handheld system in the history of video games. In addition to the Game Boy, the first Sony PlayStation hit the market in this decade, capitalising on the gaming market by creating a console that would surpass all competitors due to the quality of its games. Of course, these once-beloved consoles might be more on the expensive side of presents to gift a friend. There are alternative options that are on the affordable side, such as handheld retro games consoles that offer countless class games to play. You can even find a miniature version of games such as Pac-Man or Pinball. Alternatively, there are many 1990s trivia quizzes available that will question your knowledge of classic shows, films, music and pop culture of this extraordinary decade. This style of games will have you reminiscing on events that happened, as well as have you cursing yourself for not remembering who Brad Pitt dated in the 90s. Answer – Gwyneth Paltrow.

Never Going Out Of Style

Coming back stronger, 90s fashion trends are back. From baggy jeans to oversized clothing, the fashion trends of the 90s are back in the spotlight once again. The fashion of this era was certainly unique and beloved, so it comes as no surprise that the clothes that thrilled a whole generation are finding their way into the wardrobes are the latest generation. Pieces from this era can be the perfect present for someone in your life who is always nostalgic for the 90s and their youth. Search through photographs taken from your younger days and see if any pieces stand out. You may find that it is possible to find minimalist jewellery or band t-shirts available in most retailers today. With most fashion pieces of the 90s consisted of mainly oversized clothing and tracksuits, they are without a shadow of a doubt the comfiest clothes to wear. After spending over a year at home, wearing primarily leisurewear, receiving clothes that can be classed as fashion will likely be greatly received.

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