Viking Adventure Activity Book

Vikings are a fun part of history to learn about, and if you have a child in Year 3 or 4 at primary school like I do, then they may be learning about Vikings in school this year. The Viking Adventure activity book from Button Books / GMC Distribution looks like a great way to enhance and solidify their knowledge of vikings in a fun and hands on way.

The book is packed with over 100 different activities and games and includes 4 pages of stickers.

The pages are crammed with all sorts of fun, including puzzles, anagrams, maths, codes, spot the difference, colouring in and other engaging activities. Absorbing and educational, the Viking Adventure Activity Book features beautiful, bright illustrations
that will draw children in and keep them busy. And while they are enjoying the mazes, matching and counting, the
activities are helping them to develop a wide range of skills, including observational, conversational and motor skills. They’ll also find out more about the fascinating world of Vikings along the way.

Here are a few example pages of activities from The Viking Adventure Activity Book

The book is illustrated by Jen Alliston, who works as a freelance illustrator and designer under the name of That Beast Jen. She specialises in cute and cuddly illustrations for prints, cards, comics, children’s books and magazines, as well as having her own range of laser-cut jewellery. Jen uses traditional drawing, digital vector illustration and image manipulation in her work. She is based in Eastbourne on the south coast of England. Jen Alliston is also the creator of the Ancient Egyptian Adventure Activity Book, Pirate Adventure Activity Book, Dinosaur Adventure Activity Book,  Castle Adventure Activity Book and Roman Adventure Activity Book.

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon


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