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Learning Arabic is lots of fun. If your child is an English speaker, picking up a second language with a different alphabet is exciting, but can also be daunting.

We have put together a free printable Arabic alphabet board game to help little ones on their way to becoming confident with the Arabic alphabet.

Practice and repetition grows familiarity with the letters, and soon your child will be recognising all of them confidently.

This game helps to build familiarity and confidence with the Arabic alphabet, whether your child is just starting out, or is already on track with the basics of the Arabic language.

You can download a free PDF version of this Arabic alphabet board game at the end of this blog post.

free printable arabic alphabet board game

Making Learning Fun

Children learn best when they are having fun, and the task doesn’t seem like a chore.

Hands on activities and playful methods are ideal. That way, learning time can also be a fun bonding time together and you will be surprised how much knowledge can be absorbed.

mum and child learning fun

Letters of the Arabic Alphabet

The 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet are shown on our board game, starting from the bottom and working towards the finish line.

You can also see them below on these Arabic alphabet letter balloons, starting from the bottom right and working upwards.

Here’s a simple guide to the pronunciation of the letters in English – challenge the kids to think of a few examples of words that start with each letter in Arabic (these can be used for the advanced version of the game)

arabic alphabet letter balloons
  • ا alif
  • ب baa
  • ت taa
  • ث thaa
  • ج jeem
  • ح Haa
  • خ Khaa
  • د daal
  • ذ dhaal
  • ر raa
  • ز zay
  • س seen
  • ش sheen
  • ص Saad
  • ض Daad
  • ط Taa
  • ظ THaa or Zaa
  • ع ‘ayn
  • غ ghayn
  • ف faa
  • ق qaaf
  • ك kaaf
  • ل laam
  • م meem
  • ن noon
  • ه haa
  • و waw
  • ي yaa

How to Play the Arabic Alphabet Board Game (free printable)

To play you will need

  • Printed game board (download our free PDF at the end of the blog post)
  • Dice or spinner
  • Game counters (you can use lego pieces, small toys, make your cardboard tokens, or borrow from another game)

It’s a good idea to laminate the game board, or use these re-usable pockets to place the printable inside for protection. (These pockets are genius and have so many uses, I would definitely recommend)

free printable arabic alphabet game for children

Game Rules

Each player should take turns to roll a dice, or spin a spinner and move their piece that number of spaces along the board.

When each player lands on a space, they must say the sound of the letter they have landed on.

For players who are more confident in the Arabic language, instead of just saying the letter also think of something beginning with that letter. If someone landed on that space before, you need to think of a word that has not already been used.

Race along the board, reading the Arabic letters and thinking up words until one player reaches the finish line.

Each round can be finished in just a few minutes, so keep playing again and again as long as the kids are happy to play and learn.

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free printable arabic alphabet board game for kids

Arabic Learning Resources

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Download PDF to Print

Click the download button below for your free printable PDF file. This file is designed to print in A4 size.

Terms of use: free for personal use / free for classroom use.

Please do not redistribute the PDF file directly, ask your friends to download their own free copy here on In The Playroom.

Enjoy! Happy Arabic learning 🙂

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