FlowFlex Antigen Test: What Is It And How Does It Work?

The emergence of a new virus in 2019 has interrupted our daily routines and thrown our typical way of life on its head.

This virus damages our respiratory system and is very infectious, causing us to be concerned every day.

As a result, medical experts and scientists have worked tirelessly to develop cures and vaccinations for this recently discovered virus.  

After developing various testing methods throughout time to assist us in identifying COVID-19, fortunately, they have developed the FlowFlex antigen test, which has made it simpler for us to determine whether or not you have been infected. 

The FlowFlex antigen test is a one-time test kit with a high accuracy percentage and may be used for emergency and rapid testing.

It also helps individuals to feel comforted knowing they are free of this virus at all times.

What Is the FlowFlex Antigen Test?

The FlowFlex antigen test is a COVID-19 antigen test kit authorized in the United Kingdom.

It is a nasal-only swab test that employs cutting-edge technology. This ensures excellent accuracy and quick and simple outcomes.

Whether or not symptoms exist, the Flowflex antigen test is all that is required to determine your family’s COVID-19 condition. It is also appropriate for kids at the age of two years old.

Furthermore, unlike almost another test kit, the FlowFlex antigen test comes with just one test per package.

The FDA is also secure and confident that it does not need to repeat testing after several days unless new symptoms appear.

How FlowFlex Antigen test Works?

The FlowFlex antigen assay detects SARS-CoV-2 antigens in anterior nasal samples quickly.

This is meant for self-testing in emergency situations. Before starting the exam, thoroughly check the guidelines since incorrect testing results could occur from failing to observe the instructions.


Place the swab in the nose. Lightly rub and massage the swab in position for a few seconds to collect the sample. Then, while spinning the swab, gently pull it. Repeat in the other nostril.


Rotate the tube with the specimen inside. Apply pressure on the tube’s bottom while the specimen is inside, then seal the tube after.


Drop your specimen in the testing cassette to see whether you’re exposed to the virus.

View Results

Keeping the test cassette near your cellphone will enable you to know the results. Wait no more than 20 minutes before looking.

Result Interpretation Of FlowFlex Antigen Test

1. Negative 

One control line (C) and no test line (T) indicate no COVID-19 virus was found.

In some patients with COVID-19, this testing may provide a false negative result, and negative findings are presumed, thus requiring confirmation with a molecular test.

Moreover, this implies that although the test is negative, you might still have the coronavirus.

Contact your medical physician if you test negative but remain to have signs or if your symptoms worsen.

You must collaborate with your medical provider to determine the following measures you must take.

2. Positive

The visible control line (C) and test line (T) entail that the COVID-19 antigen was discovered.

Moreover, any weak line inside the test line zone (T) must be regarded as positive.

A positive test result indicates that COVID-19 antigens were discovered, and you probably have COVID-19.

Do self-quarantine at once to prevent transmitting the infection to others and seek medical attention immediately.

Your healthcare practitioner will consult with you to know what care plan action is best for you.

3. Invalid

If the control line (C) does not show, it is then regarded as invalid. An invalid result is probably due to insufficient sample volume or inappropriate procedure.

Reread the directions and do the test with a new cassette. If the problem continues, contact a professional.

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