Finding Nemo Water Play Fun

Finding Nemo is one of the boys’ favourite films, and they always love playing with water so I decided to do water play activity with them incorporating some of their Finding Nemo toys, and the new Finding Nemo bubble bath we have been sent from H&A.

Finding Nemo Themed Water Play

We gathered together some water play toys; Finding Nemo characters along with other fish and underwater characters, boats, bubbles, Finding Nemo cup for pouring, and fish shaped ice cubes which I had made earlier.

We did the whole activity on top of our cement mixing tray/tuff spot to contain any water spills, and I put bubble wrap on the bottom of the tuff spot just to give a more bubbly feel and another interesting texture for the kids.

water play

We experimented with putting the ice fishes into the water and seeing how quickly they melted, and with floating the toys on the water.

fish shaped ice cubes

We felt the cold slippery ice on our hands, and thought about whether the ice fishes melted more quickly in our hands or in the water and why that would be.

water play

Nemo and many of his little friends light up in the water which the kids love to watch. Nemo’s turtle friend is a thermometer which we used to see how the temperature was changing when more ice fish were added to the water! You can see them in the picture above, even when the water was cold they still melted quickly.

water play

Mr T especially loves water, so he enjoyed mixing it all around with his hands. Once they had finished just playing with the water and the animals and had melted all the ice, we decided to make the activity a bit more messy!

water play mixing colours with paint and water

We added red and white paint to the water to experiment with colour mixing, with the aim of making orange water for Nemo

water play mixing colours with paint and waterMr Z really enjoyed squeezing the paint into the water and seeing how it all mixed.

water play making orange water

He did manage to create a very orange shade which matched with Nemo perfectly!

The boys loaded this water into the ice cube moulds so that next time their icy fish will actually be orange like Nemo!

water play

As they had got a bit over enthusiastic with the paint, Nemo and his friends had got quite messy and painty so after pouring out the rest of the orange water, we decided to give them all a good wash in their own bubble bath

h&a finding nemo bubble bath

We let them have a bit of the H&A Finding Nemo bubble bath. Only a little bit is needed to make plenty of bubbles.

water play

Washing all the characters was just as much fun as getting them all messy!

water play

All three of them enjoyed the activity together.

water play

Of course with this type of activity, it inevitably does end up in wet and messy children too. I even had Mr R deciding to paddle in some of the water which had been spilt onto the tuff spot.

water play

So after Nemo’s bath, it was time for the boys to all go and have a bath too!

h&a finding nemo bubble bath

The boys have all been using the H&A Finding Nemo soft & gentle bubbly bath throughout the week and I’ve been very happy with the product. We have tried H&A bath products before (see our Jake & the Neverland Pirates Bath & Shower gel review here) and always found them great. The kids are all at an age where they are very motivated by character products so they love seeing their favourite characters at bath time and it adds an extra bit of fun for them.

The soft & gentle bubbly bath is very soft and gentle as the name suggests and I have no concerns about how it will effect their skin. They are not particularly sensitive anyway but the bubble bath is all dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and paediatrician approved – which would be really reassuring to know if I was using it on them when they were slightly younger, or for a child with sensitive skin.

The bubble bath doesn’t have an overwhelming strong smell but it does smell clean and leaves them smelling and feeling nice and fresh.

This post is part of a competition to become a member of the H&A Bathtime Fun Squad with Tots100. Click the link to see other entries and find out more.


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    • I would recommend it! Ours is new and it does make messy play in the house a lot easier but it’s also handy for things like playing lego on to try and contain all the pieces while they do it

    • haha my husband came along and was like “what are you doing????” “in here????” he thought it was crazy, as he normally doesn’t see me getting up to this as I do it when he’s at work πŸ˜€

  1. Looks like lots of fun! Thank you so much for sharing with us on FB! Although so hard to choose this week, I’ve added three of my favorite shares to the bottom of this week’s playful preschool post on Exploring Simple Science with TRAINS!!!


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