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You have probably seen a previous post we made about the gorgeous pieces we were gifted by Femme Luxe a few months ago, where we tried out some of the lovely t-shirts from Femme Luxe. Now we are going to share with you some of their amazing lounge wear collection. Anna and I had such a great time shooting these pictures and we will break it all down for you in this post. If we are all going to be spending so much time indoors lets try and make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible right?

Let me start by saying I am obsessed with comfy clothing. So much so I am always buying clothes that are sometimes 1 or 2 sizes bigger than my actual size just to make sure they fit nicely but mostly they feel comfortable. As a stay at home mum I am constantly moving around the house chasing my very active daughter, so comfy and resilient attire is a not vanity… it is a necessity and I am sure all the mums reading this will agree. Now combine these qualities with an outfit that is actually cute and will make you look like the coolest mum on the block! Femme Luxe just did that.

The quality of this loungewear is unheard of. The first thing I remember telling Anna when I tried them on was how incredibly soft it felt inside!  The colour is also so beautiful and bright. Since posting these pictures on our social media platforms – proudly displaying our outfits – we got tones of compliments.

This loungewear is so versatile. You can be at home doing your chores and chasing after your kids and if you need to run quickly to the shops, grab a nice pair of trainers and that winter coat and you are good to go. And they will keep you warm too.

During lockdown we have been sharing a lot of articles that can help make someone’s life easier and maybe a bit happier. It isn’t easy. Its stressful and sometimes daunting. This whole situation has messed up with our lives in so many ways the only thing we can concentrate on is making this crazy experience as comfy as pleasant as possible. I learned that a little goes a long way when difficult times hit us unexpectedly so if this simple idea of wearing a comfy loungewear could make someone’s life a little joyful then our mission has been accomplished.

Be kind to yourself. Take a deep breath and trust that this is temporary and soon our lives will be back.

Luckily, we have been able to create a household bubble together during these difficult times. This helps so much with our mental health – at least we have each other so we can chill together and pick each other up when we need a friend.

The loungewear set that we are both wearing in the picture above is the nude boxy cropped hoodie cuffed joggers loungewear set, and similar sets are also available in other colour options if you prefer, as well as loungewear in other styles – both cropped or oversized varieties. This lounge wear set is so comfy and versatile that we both had to get a set.

As well as the set above, we chose the white long sleeve cropped fleece hoodie & joggers loungewear set which is just as comfortable, and I’m also feeling tempted by some of the black and grey loungewear sets from the Femme Luxe website which are such practical and flattering colours – you can never have too many in your collection.

Just like the first lounge wear set, this one is so thick and soft that you feel so comfy and warm and ready to relax. It is perfect for chilling at home. The quality of the fabric is really nice on both of our lounge wear sets, and the sizing is also accurate and true to size so you can order without worrying about that. These lounge wear sets are available in sizes 6-16 or 6-14 depending on which set you decide to go for.

We would definitely recommend anyone to check out the lounge wear collection from Femme Luxe and choose a loungewear set to get nice and comfy, you won’t regret it.

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