Love Yourself 1200 Meal Plans

Love Yourself is a premium food delivery brand which is ideal for when you want to keep track of your nutrition and food intake. There are so many different options available on the website. We had previously tried out the halal balanced plan (read our review of that) but at the moment, I am trying to stay on track to lose the next few kilos so I decided to try out the 1200 calorie plan and see if this would work for me.

How Love Yourself meal plans work, is that you will be delivered one full day’s food the night before. Everything comes clearly labelled so you know which box is for which meal, and all of the nutritional information is clearly set out on each box. For every days menu, you will be provided with three full meals plus two healthy snacks to make sure that you don’t feel hungry throughout the day, whilst still staying within your nutrition goals.

Here are all the food and snacks which we received for the 1200 calorie food plan..

The daily menu includes…

  • Breakfast – Cherry and Cardamom Oat Porridge 286 calories
  • Morning snack – Root Vegetables Salad 123 calories
  • Lunch – Baked Cod with new season potatoes and a roasted pepper sauce – 346 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Coconut tapioca pudding with fresh pineapple – 120 calories
  • Dinner – Pear and blue cheese salad with chicory – 240 calories

There are different menus available every week with Love Yourself, so that if you use their delivery service regularly you should not get a lot of repeats. Personally I really like the variety offered with their meals. Some of the meal ideas are not something I would think of cooking myself, but actually were so nice – like the pear and blue cheese salad (pictured at the top of the post). I had never tried that combination of foods before, and it really works.

Love Yourself are premium and they have a Michelin trained chef cooking tasty, nutritious and balanced food. There is a LoveYourself App which is full of health tips, whilst LoveYourself also works with MyFitnessPal to track your diet.

What I love about the Love Yourself meals, both times we tried their plans, is that it is so convenient. I love that even when I don’t have time to think about meal planning, or tracking the amount of calories I wanted to have in a day, I can just get everything delivered and then not worry about it – but at the same time I know I am eating good quality nutritious food, not taking a short cut on unhealthy take aways. The convenience really can not be over stated with this service. If you order a full week’s food, they will deliver each days meals separately the night before so that everything is fresh and you do not need to keep a huge storage space available since everything arrives day to day.

After trying the 1200 calorie plan, I was impressed with the food included and that I was not left feeling hungry at the end of the day. When sticking to a low calorie diet, you also want to make sure that you still get all of your vital nutrients and have enough fruit and vegetables, grains, protein and so on and I felt comfortable that Love Yourself did a great job with this – providing food that gives plenty of nutrition and variety of all food groups.

I will definitely keep using Love Yourself in future, for those weeks when I want to stay 100% on target with my nutrition but don’t have the time or mental energy to plan everything. It feels like an act of self care, to get yourself totally nutritious and healthy food but let someone else do all the work – and I am absolutely down for that!

Currently, the meals can be delivered in the Greater London area and will be available UK-Wide later this year. Love Yourself offer a range of menus starting from £15 each day, including 3 meals and 2 snacks. Visit  to find out more.

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