Escape Your Busy Mum Life With These 5 Retreats 

Being a mum often takes every ounce of energy. Not only are you looking after children, you run a home, a busy social schedule for all the family and probably hold down a job too.

That’s why we all need a break now and then – and what better way to switch off and recharge your batteries than on a retreat?

If your brain feels frazzled and you’re almost at the point of burnout, a mental health retreat could get you back on track.

These breaks are run by experienced, caring therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, who can help you build resilience and resolve trauma. 

Retreats where you can press pause and rethink your life

In the UK we recommend Y42 Radical Wellbeing Retreats. Based in the village of Dymchurch in Kent and run by a dynamic couple – Rohini and Karl Emanuelsson, these five-day breaks in England offer an immersive, transformative programme to bring about meaningful change in your life.

Expect to let go of old patterns and baggage and create a new life vision.

You’ll experience mindful walking, ecstatic dancing and intense breathing techniques as well as yoga, coaching, positive psychology and ice baths.

Off the west coast of Scotland experienced retreat leader Kate Emmerson hosts breaks for women on the history-steeped island of Iona.

Choose bespoke life coaching breaks or sign up for the life-changing Cutting the Threads That Bind retreat for women facing a crossroads in their life.

With Kate’s guidance, you will pause and reconnect and you’ll release the past before you embrace your next chapter.

There’s walking, playing, eating, swimming and laughing, as well as spiritual prayer for those in the mood. 

Are you battling the menopause?

It may not be a break from the children or home you need – but from the hot sweats, mood swings and sleepless nights that come with menopause.

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If that’s the case, Park Igls Health Retreat near Innsbruck in Austria has all the staff and facilities to help you.

This swish medical spa hosts In Balance Menopause Retreats which include massages, Shiatsu treatments, physiotherapy and talking therapies.

You can also visit for a full medical check-up, to lose weight, to do a detox or simply rest and recharge your batteries.

Another European retreat offering help with menopause is Preidlhof in the South Tyrol in Italy.

This retreat has some of the finest therapists and healing masters in the world, yet it’s based in a friendly, family-run hotel.

The Menopause Retreats help you tune in to yourself, and rather than fight and change nature, to apply wellness tools to renew energy, improve your lifestyle and address any physical, emotional and lifestyle issues. 

Fancy a yoga retreat?

If you just want to rest, be spoiled and limber up, then a yoga retreat would be ideal for you, and for sheer luxury, look no further than Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru in the Maldives.

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This upscale resort offers yoga therapy with Indian doctors of Ayurveda and yoga, which is designed to target one of eight health issues.

You’ll be based on a pure coral atoll in a biosphere reserve and you’ll eat in fine restaurants.

Your own vast villa has an infinity pool and no one in sight, yet a three-acre spa is right there on your doorstep.

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