Valuable Tips for Travelling Overseas with Small Children 

Overseas family holidays are sure to be a lot of fun. However, when travelling with small children, things can become challenging.

As long as you are prepared, though, you can ensure your trip goes smoothly.

So, check out the following valuable tips.

Explain the Trip to Your Children

It is a good idea to introduce the trip that you will be taking to your kids before you leave.

That is especially important for children who have not gone overseas before, as other countries can be intimidating, and with so many things going on, your kids could become uncomfortable.

So, spend some time explaining to your children where you will be going, how you will be getting there, and what activities you have planned so that they know what to expect.

You should also take that opportunity to tell your kids what expectations you have for their behaviour during your trip, such as how they should act on planes and in hotels.

Prepare for Long-haul Flights

Adults can get frustrated with long-haul flights, so small children can become even more restless and frustrated.

If you have the option, it is best to book flights overnight to coincide with your kids’ normal sleep times.

You might also want to consider getting as few connections as possible so that your children are rested and calm when they arrive at your end destination.

Check out this helpful article to learn more about how to survive air travel with children.

Also, make sure you pack pyjamas and soft toys for your children so that they can sleep more easily on long flights.

Pack Items That Will Comfort Your Children

Following on from the last point, sleeping in unfamiliar places can be challenging for small kids.

That includes hotels as well as flights. So, make sure you set your child up for a good night’s sleep in the same way as you would at home.

While children love adventures, they also like routine. Therefore, ensure you pack a few items that will make your kids feel safe and remind them of home. For instance, you could pack your children’s favourite teddy bears.

It is also best to pack some snacks from back home in case your children do not like the food that is available abroad.

Learn the Local Language

It is always best to learn a little of the local language before you visit a foreign country, but it is even more important when you have small children with you, especially if they have dietary requirements, allergies, or specific mental or physical needs.

Learn key phrases for any important things, such as asking for gluten-free meals and knowing the foreign words for things like “hospital” and “doctor”.

You do not have to attend evening courses at a college to learn a foreign language.

These days, you can find some excellent online language classes where you can learn in your own time.

For instance, if you are travelling to Germany, you can enrol in Lingoda to take a German online course.

You will find live courses with professional teachers and flexible schedules for all levels. You could even teach your small children a few handy words.

Pre-Book Everything

While it can be fun to spontaneously do things when you visit another country, when you are travelling with small children, it is better to pre-book everything in advance.

That means there are no delays or problems that could cause your children to get agitated.

Things will run much more smoothly when you are able to go directly to your hotel, drop off bags, enter attractions, and so on.

So, decide your itinerary and book things like accommodation and attractions before you leave home.

By pre-booking everything, you can better ensure your children are fed, occupied, and happy throughout the trip.

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