How to Enjoy an Amazing Short Ski Break with the Kids

How to Enjoy an Amazing Short Ski Break with the Kids

When you have small children, the mere thought of a long break can be enough to tire you out. If you want a trip that leaves you all feeling happy and refreshed then you might want to consider a shorter trip instead.

In this case, a short yet exhilarating ski break could be absolutely ideal. There are certainly a number of reasons for thinking that this could be a fantastic way to spend a few quality days together.


Get Lots of Activities and Adventures

For many of us, a family trip should be a time for action and adventure. If you don’t get to enjoy a lot of sports and other activities with the kids at home then a short ski trip will let you do this and have plenty of fun.

Of course, the main activity you will want to try out here is skiing. The good news is that quality French Alps resorts such as Flaine, La Tania and Meribel all have an extensive selection of gentle slopes for kids and beginners.

Spending a few hours skiing down the beautiful slopes might be more than enough to keep you all busy and give you an invigorating yet enjoyable workout in the snow. However, if you want more options then the best ski resorts will give you a number of them.

For instance, you could try snowboarding, snowshoeing or even paragliding. There is a massive range of things to do here that means that even a short break can be packed with unforgettable adventures.

Many of the best family oriented ski resorts also offer kid’s activities and kid’s clubs to keep the little ones happy even if they don’t go skiing with their parents.

Eat Well As a Family

Not eating together as a family is one of the biggest issues that upset many parents these days. Whether it is due to awkward working hours or the lure of other things to do, it is now common for many families to eat separately from one another.

This is a real shame and it is something that a spectacular ski break can help you to improve. The most popular ski resorts all have a wonderful collection of restaurants where your family can settle down together for great food in a welcoming environment.

You will find a mixture of options for eating out when you are enjoying a ski trip. These range from classy restaurants to cheerful fast food outlets and cafes.

You might even find that the kids are happy to eat in the chalet or apartment where you are staying. In this case, they might discover that eating healthy food with the family is actually a lot more fun than they had imagined it would be.

Explore the Area

The world’s best ski towns are typically very pretty places with a lovely atmosphere. You can stroll through cobbled streets, go into cute shops or just soak up the incredible feeling of being in a very special place.

You might also decide head out on the ski lifts, which is a fine way for kids to see more of the area without too much effort. There is certainly no need to stay in the same place for the whole time if you are an adventurous family that likes to get out and about.

When it comes to the actual skiing time, many of the best resorts have massive ski areas where you can explore. These are terrific spots that often offer the opportunity to take some great family photos that you will treasure in the years to come.

Make It Easy

One of the most important issues for any family trip is the need to make the whole thing as easy as possible. If you time is limited then you will really want to make the most of every minute by following the best tips for travelling with children.

In fact, the biggest challenge for most of us lies in trying to enjoy a relaxing holiday while also carrying out some exciting activities as well. This might seem like an impossible task but it can be done if you go about in the right way.

For a start, you will want to get to your destination as quickly and easily as possible. In this respect, it is worth noting that if you are travelling from the UK with the likes of then the majority of the best ski resorts are just a short flight and airport transfer away.

After that, you will want to stay in a comfortable and well-equipped type of accommodation where you can relax in style at the end of the day. It also makes sense to stay in a good location, from where it is easy to get to the slopes, the shops and the restaurants that you are most interested in.

Get Ready to Enjoy It

Perhaps one issue that never even crosses your mind is the need to get in the right frame of mind in order to enjoy the trip. Making the mental switch from work and home life to getting away on a refreshing break can be difficult, especially on a short break.

This is why it is so vital that you find a way of getting the whole family to relax and get into the swing of things as quickly as possible. Maybe you could make the trip to the airport as fun as possible or else take along some travel games for the flight?

If you all arrive to your destination feeling refreshed and ready to have a lot of fun then there is obviously far more chance of the break going brilliantly. You certainly don’t want the family to turn up in the resort feeling miserable or with their minds on other things, do you?

Try to get into a fun frame of mind as soon as you can and the whole trip will be far better all of you. It may come naturally to you but if it doesn’t then you need to make an effort to enjoy every last second of this amazing trip.


Plan It Well

It is also important that you plan your trip well in order to get as much as possible out of it. This means choosing the dates wisely and making sure that everyone is able to get away at the same time.

Some families like to book their ski trips well in advance, while others prefer to wait and make a last minute booking. Either way, you will want the whole group to be well aware of the dates for you trip and to be completely ready to get away on time.

Since you can hire your ski equipment out there, you won’t need to worry about packing this stuff to take away with you. However, you will want to make sure that on your ski packing list everyone has enough warm clothing to make this trip as cosy and comfortable as possible.

By following these simple tips you can make sure that you and the kids enjoy a memorable break in the snow. This will help you to have fun while you are there and also carry the good vibes back home with you as well.

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