10 MORE Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Remember how I told you to go ahead and buy that big pack of pipe cleaners because you would have plenty of use of them? Well, today I have another 10 ways for you to use those pipe cleaners. So roll up your sleeves and let’s get to crafting!

10 MORE Pipe Cleaner Crafts

More great pipe cleaner craft ideas for kids

Pipe Cleaner Pals – These pipe cleaner pals are toddler/preschooler friendly and use another classic craft supply – the craft stick. This would be great to pair with a picture drawn and/or colored by the same toddler/preschooler and then mailed to a grandparent for a bit of fun mail.

Pipe Cleaner Beaded Hearts – These simple pipe cleaner hearts make a lovely decoration, and putting them together helps build fine motor skills in little hands too!

Pipe Cleaner Hat – A super cute doll accessory, make one in every color to match all your doll’s outfits.

Pipe Cleaner and Pom Pom Dolls – These super cute dolls are a great craft project for older kids and tweens, simply because of better fine motor skills. Preschoolers would be able to do this with some help and they would definitely love to play with them.

Bubble Wands – An easy craft that then becomes a fun summer activity, bubble wands!

Pipe Cleaner Ninjas – A craft that is perfect for boys, pipe cleaner ninjas! With all the little dolls and action figures, a world of imaginative play is just waiting for you to finish your crafting!

Pipe Cleaner Apples – I bet with a little bit of time and experimenting, you could create a whole fruit bowl of pipe cleaner fruit. Glue these on to some cards and you have a quick handmade card.

Engineering for Kids: Straw Geodesic Dome and Sphere – Explore a bit of science with your crafting with this project.

Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Magnet – Decorate the fridge with this beauty. Read some books about rainbows and then get to crafting for a fun afternoon activity.

Silly Sculptures – With this project, the possibilities truly are endless. You can use pipe cleaners only or pair them with just about any craft supply. These would pair well with especially imaginative books like those by Dr. Seuss or Hervé Tullet.

Your pipe cleaner crafts can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. If you don’t feel confident in exploring your crafty side on your own, give one of these crafty projects a try and then have fun playing with the finished craft.

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