Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack-Up

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack-Up is a fun Hot Wheels track that you can play with as a stand alone toy, or combine with other Hot Wheels sets to make lots of different tracks in all kinds of combinations.

Hot wheels tracks always appeal to my boys, and are equally popular with the oldest (6) and youngest (3).

Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack-Up


The track needs some assembly to set it up out of the box, but not too much and it’s pretty quick to put together. This set can be adjusted to make different layouts, which is quite easy to do by clipping off parts of the track and re-clipping them elsewhere.

IMG_6388This set on it’s own makes a fairly large track, so when combined with others you have the potential to make something really huge! Once assembled, you can quite easily pick it up and move to other rooms without breaking the track apart (sometimes easier with two people, but the tracks are not heavy at all)

What we liked the most about this track is how each car can set off a chain reaction, activating the next car to follow down it’s path. When a car hits certain parts of the track, that motion is used to activate the next car. As you can see here:

IMG_6404The green car is held in place here waiting for the purple car to activate it as it zooms past.

IMG_6405Now you can see, the purple car has gone past and set the green car on it’s way. It’s a pretty cool process for the kids to activate and to watch.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack-Up comes with one car, and is compatible with any other Hot Wheels cars that your children already have at home.

For us it’s a great addition to our Hot Wheels collection, and is an ideal toy for 3 siblings to play with together. It would also be a great set to use as your starter for your Hot Wheels collection as the name suggests!

IMG_6375As you can see at the base of the track, or the ends of each orange track, you could combine more tracks here to build up the track layout, by clicking other pieces into place. Not every single Hot Wheels set would be compatible with this (for eg we have the Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway which is quite self contained), so choose others from the builder range like this 5-Lane tower builder set or accessories like the track builder loop.

This Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack-Up is available from Amazon and many other toy shops.

Build and rebuild in every direction, horizontally or vertically, for a truly customized experience every time with the Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack-Up.  Set up the track and place a car at every gate.  Launch one car from the top and release any other car that has what it takes to make it to the finish line.  Priced at around RRP £20.99. 

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  1. we’re big fans of hot wheels! My two year old and seven year old play happily together and the sets are really durable.


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