Educational Games for Kids Age 1 to 7 Year Old

Childhood is an important part of human development. It is the age when you learn about a lot of things.  And parents like to teach their kids about different things with learning games. Games are one of the sharpest and effortless approaches to catch a child’s eye. They learn the best when they are having fun. Educational games can increase motivation, brain development, and creates a positive environment around children. 


ABC Reading Eggs

ABC reading eggs is an online game designed to teach children. This game is full of excitement and helps kids learn the necessary skills. It consists of a wide range of fictional and non-fictional books, animated videos and educational videos, fun learning activities, and much more. That’s why kids and parents love ABC reading eggs. This game is available on google play and app store.


Duck Duck Moose Game 

This game consists of a bunch of educational games for kids. It has games like moose math and moose reading. It helps the kids to read and learn and also focuses on different colours, shapes and other problem-solving stuff. This game is free and available on google play store.


Fun with words puzzle

Fun with words is a three-piece adjusting words puzzle consists of an activity book and activity guide. Kids make three-letter words by collecting outlined pictures of items and identify them according to their knowledge. It helps kids to improve their spellings and learn new words.