How to Style a Kids Loft Conversion

For years, the loft has been a space for dusty videotapes, old clothes and tattered photographs, with the quirky uniqueness of loft spaces quickly being dismissed. When designed creatively, a loft space can have a variety of uses – a quiet office, a colourful playroom or a secluded yoga studio for early risers. Transforming a loft into a magical kingdom for children to play in or have as a first playroom can be a great investment!

For children, a loft can be a magical place to play in or have their bedroom, with quirky angled ceilings and plenty of wall space for posters, drawings or nightlights. One of the ways to utilise your loft space for a child is using a feature wall, like this loft conversion on Charlton Park Lane by Simply Loft, London’s leading Loft specialists. Your feature wall need not be tucked away either, why not have a chalkboard on the wall for some drawing fun?