Dora The Explorer Live!

I am so happy we are going to get the chance to go and see and review Dora The Explorer Live! this summer. Since starting school, my 4 year old started to ask to watch Nick Jr as well as his usual Cbeebies and a show that immediately caught his eye was Dora The Explorer. Since then he has really enjoyed Dora and when we spotted the adverts for the live show on Nickolodeon, he started to hint that he would love to go. Every time we see the advert, he reminds me again! Of course the younger two also love the show now too because they have learned from their big brother.

Dora The Explorer Live The live show is currently touring all over the UK. It started in March and is running until August. We will be going to one of the August shows in Milton Keynes. If you want to check the dates and venues near you, have a look at the map here. dora the explorer live

The new show is called Search for the City of Lost Toys and is a musical adventure. It will be featuring all the characters known and loved by children who watch the show, such as the Map, Backpack, Boots, Diego and Swiper along with Dora of course.

One thing I like about the Dora show on Nick Jr is that it does incorporate a lot of learning as well as being fun and entertaining for the children to watch, and the live show is supposed to include some elements of that too.

Once we have been, I will be back to share a thorough review with everyone but for now I just wanted to share our excitement! Is anyone else planning to go? Or have you already been? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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