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Britmums and MoneySuperMarket have offered Bloggers the chance to take part in the Kids Grow Wild challenge with their children.

My boys love playing outside in the garden, with their ride-on toys, footballs, slides and tunnels but we don’t have too much experience in gardening and planting. My oldest recently grew a beanstalk at school and we have been given tomato plants by a relative to grow in our garden, but I have to admit I am a bit hopeless with gardening and I do need to make more  of an effort with this kind of thing, so this seemed like a good opportunity for us.

As part of the challenge we were sent a children’s gardening kit from Little Pals who sell quite a wide range of children’s gardening tools and sets, together with some packets of seeds including sunflowers, pansies,

The kit contained a lovely green watering can, children’s gardening gloves, a little spade and fork and of course the seeds.

The watering can immediately attracted my boys interest as they love to play with water and water all of the plants in the garden

boy with green watering can boy looking with green watering can  baby toddler with green watering can baby watering the plantsbaby and watering can in the garden toddler As you can see our garden is quite wild so the name Kids Grow Wild is quite fitting for me! Although I am proud to say the grass has been cut today for once! 😀 (after these pics were taken!!)

To plant the seeds I decided to do this just with my youngest while the older two were in their school and nursery. He is 22 months and has not yet tried much of this kind of activity before and he really loved it. He was digging in the ground with the spade and I asked him to fill a tray with some soil so that we could put the seeds inside.

toddlers digging in the gardenHe was very interested in the seeds and enjoyed picking them up one by one and placing them into the tray which is great for developing fine motor skills.

sunflower seeds toddler picking sunflower seeds developing fine motor skills pincer gripOur seeds might not end up growing too successfully knowing my track record, but you never know! And even if not, little Mr R has enjoyed himself getting dirty digging and watering in the garden and exploring the seeds, and there is lots of learning going on there too!

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge”, with MoneySuperMarket.

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  1. It’s great to see them all in the garden taking part – most children love playing with mud and water so this is perfect. Let’s hope they soon get to see the results, thanks for joining in with Country Kids.


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