DIY Kids Bedroom Sign Ideas

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We’ve just recently rearranged the bedrooms of our house, and moved all of the boys into their own rooms, so I thought they may like to make some signs for each of their bedroom doors.

There are lots of simple and creative ways to make signs, whether it’s just with their names, or with rules of their room, or perhaps they would like a “no entry” sign to keep the younger siblings out without permission!  If you want to get some professional signs rather than making some crafty ones yourself, you can find a wide variety at Stock Signs who offer them for many industries like schools, traffic signs, or even your own custom made signs.

But if you do fancy getting creative, what about a few of these fun ideas.

Textured name signs

We’ve had fun making textured name signs, using double sided sticky tape. Once you finish making the name with the tape, and adding details like glitter, sequins or coloured paper, you can laminate the name to create a durable and lasting sign. Avoid using items like pom poms that have a lot of height to them if you’re going to laminate though!

Lego name signs

Use a small base plate, and spell out either the first name, or even just the initial of the name, in Lego pieces. You could do it multi colour, or stick to one colour throughout depending on the look you’re going for. For a more permanent sign, stick the pieces down onto the base plate using super glue.

Door handle signs

We made these door handle signs a while back, to use for the kids to do lists. They’re a bit like the signs you get at hotels, so you could even imitate that with a “do not disturb” message on the sign for when kids are busy studying!

See our to do list version of the sign here

You could also make your own signs in the style of road signs, especially if you have kids that are into cars or construction. Why not get some ideas from the Stock Signs site, by browsing through their range?

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