Bedwetting in Older Children: Continuing on as DryNites Ambassadors

Last year we worked with DryNites to share our journey around night time dryness. We’ve been making really good progress, but still haven’t completely moved on from this stage so this year we’re continuing on as DryNites ambassadors to help share experiences and advice for those of you who are also going through the bedwetting stage.

Having four children, I’m well aware that every child is different and they achieve things at different stages. Night time dryness is another developmental milestone, and kids hit that readiness at different ages but children cannot be trained not to wet the bed – it’s a myth.

With our eldest (now nearly 9) he passed through that stage very quickly but with the younger boys (7 and 5), it’s taken a little longer, and we’ve been using the DryNites products to help them get through this stage with confidence. The DryNites pyjama pants have five layers for maximum protection, making them suitable for growing children. They come in sizes 3-5 years, 4-7 years, and 8-15 years with designs suitable for those ages of children.

When you have an older child who is still wet at night – whether it’s every night, or intermittently – it is easy to start to worry, to wonder whether there’s a problem, or feel like your child is the only one. There can be a lot of embarrassment and if not handled well, the child can start to feel bad about themselves and anxious about the issue, which will just end up making the situation worse! We’ve been taking a matter of fact approach to the issue and not making it a big deal.

Our 7 year old has taken his time with most developmental milestones but in the end and in his own time he’s normally been able to master them and I’m confident in him that night time dryness will follow the same pattern. Our 7 year old is on the autistic spectrum and had developmental delays from a young age, but bedwetting at this age is still quite common in all children and not something to panic about.

For us, sorting out his sleep pattern in general seems to be helping with this. This week we’re reorganising the bedrooms and splitting up the younger boys to their own rooms to help with sleep. We are starting to see a lot more progress with the dryness, with the DryNites pyjama pants being dry much more often, so I’m hopeful that by the end of this Summer we might be ready to move on from this stage. We’ll be sharing a couple more updates over the summer to let you know how we get on.

If you’d like to try out DryNites with your child, visit the DryNites website for a free sample and you’ll also find some more helpful advice there to help guide you and your child through this stage.


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