Big Hero 6 Paper Plate Baymax with Armour

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I’ve joined together with some of my craft blogger friends who challenged us to make a Disney character craft from something that can be found in the kitchen. Of course, we had to choose Baymax since we are obsessed with Big Hero 6 right now. We love Baymax!

You might be thinking, “paper plate Baymax? that’s just a plate with two circles and a line on it?” well that’s why we decided to include his armour or upgrades too, to give it a little more detail!

Big Hero 6 Baymax paper plate craft

To make your paper plate Baymax you will need:

  • 2 Paper Plates
  • Red and black paint
  • Scissors and a sharp knife
  • Glue dots (See on Amazon UKUS) – or whatever glue you prefer

How to make paper plate Baymax, with his armour upgrades

First, paint your paper plates so that you have one white and one red. You can buy red paper plates (UK / US)  if you want to skip this step. We will be using the back side of the red paper plate, so that Baymax’s armour has a more 3d effect later on.


Take the white paper plate, and add two black circles towards the outer edge, and join them with a horozontal line. This will make up Baymax’s basic face.


With the white paper plate, we are using the front of the plate.

Once your red paper plate has dried, if you painted it (or right away if you bought red paper plates), you’re ready to cut out the helmet shape.

We sketched this onto the back of our red paper plate before cutting. You can’t see so well, but you can get the basic idea of the shape – or look at pictures of Baymax to make sure the shape is correct.

(yes the other side of our red plate is painted too, that’s not necessary at all – we just like extra painting!)


To cut out space for the eyes from within the helmet shape, you will need your sharp knife to poke a few holes so that you can get in there with your scissors – so this is something for an adult to help with.

Once there are several holes, it’s easy to push scissors into the plate and cut the rest of the eye space out.

Don’t throw away the piece from the middle, because we will use some of it to make the ears shape that’s on the outside of Baymax’s helmet.

Cut the piece into two “ear” shapes and discard just the little bit remaining from the middle


Now we will stick these on the back of the helmet plate. As I mentioned, we used glue dots. I love these for sticking firmly without any mess, but you can use whatever glue you prefer like white school glue, or a hot glue gun.


Stick these “ears” onto the inside rim of the red paper plate.

Now you’re ready to place the armour onto Baymax. We used glue dots again. One at the top and one at the bottom was enough to secure everything firmly.

disney big hero 6 craft paper plate baymax with armour

Ta da.. your paper plate Baymax is all done! He should have a 3d effect.

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disney big hero 6 paper plate baymax craft
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