Disney Cars Off-Road Racin’ Lightning McQueen Review

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Like many kids, my boys (3, 4 and 6) are all keen on Disney Cars’ main character Lightning McQueen. This loveable character is quick to grab their attention and the Disney Cars Off-Road Racin’ Lightning McQueen was no exception. This is a great Cars toy that has had plenty of play already and is one that they can return to over and over again.


The Disney Cars Off Road Racin’ Lightning McQueen is a large sized vehicle, with all of Lightning McQueen’s usual paintwork and features but the first difference you may notice is that he has larger rougher and tougher off road wheels, and a mud splatter design along the side. The boys found this very cool and with these off road wheels you don’t get any problems at all with the car travelling over different floor surfaces, whether they may be a little rougher. We have found with some simpler cars that they might have difficulty going over rugs, or doorways or any small obstacles on the floor but with the off road design this Lightning McQueen is great, and reduces any frustration that younger kids would have with that.

When you press down on the back of Lightning McQueen, he will make his engine revving sound and when you press the 95 on his top he will say a variety of different phrases like “That’s what I’m talking about” “bring it on” “whoa” and more. These are all very clear to hear and not muffled, and they of course have the familiar voice of Lightning McQueen from in the Disney Cars movies.


This is a great quality toy that is well built and can handle lots of boisterous play. For  any little fan of Cars or Lightning McQueen, or kids who are interested in vehicles in general, it is sure to be a hit. The Off Road Racin’ Lightning McQueen encourages children in imaginative play as they make up stories about Lightning and his friends, gross motor play as they race around after him, and cooperative play as they can share the toy together with friends or siblings. Since this car is quite large I found it did work fairly well for the boys to play together, compared to smaller match box sized cars which they prefer to each play with their own separate ones.

This is a lovely toy, great quality and we would recommend it to others.


Find out more about Disney Cars here: http://www.disney.co.uk/cars.

The Off Road Racin’ Lightning McQueen has an RRP of £22.99 and sells at all good toy shops including Amazon. The toy is recommended for age 3+

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