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Last year, we first heard of Battroborg when it was first launched and Mr Z tried out the Battroborg Arena set with Clubber Vs Scaldor, and we were really interested to try out the new Battroborg battle sets that have been launched this year to see what differences had been made and to have some fun trying out our new Battroborg fighters.



We received the Battroborg Samurai Vs Ninja Battle Set. One of the first new features that Mr Z was eager to try out was the customisation of the fighters. Each set come with the two fighters and a few accessories which are interchangeable allowing you to customise and change around the appearance of each fighter.



Here are the pieces as they come and now our Ninja and Samurai once we had customised them to our liking:



And a closer look at each one:


battroborg6We had thought that the original Battroborg figures were pretty intricate and detailed but these are even more so! They really do have a lot of attention to detail, and look fab. Like our other Battroborg fighters, I don’t feel they would hold up well to being roughly manhandled by younger siblings so you would be wise to bare the 6+ age rating in mind and keep them out of the way of littler ones (that said, Mr Z was 5 when we got our first set, but you do need to keep it clear of the 4 and under preschool / toddler crowd)

Another noticeable difference with this set is that the battle area is much smaller, and there is no construction needed for this arena it’s ready right out of the box.

battroborg7The controllers are also different. I would say the shape of these is much cooler, since they resemble a samurai sword. You have a wrist strap to wear while using the controller to keep them safe, and they are motion controlled much like a Wii remote. Move the controller up for the fighter to go left, and move his blade / weapon upwards and move the controller down for him to move right and strike the weapon downwards.

As with the previous Battroborg, the robots are charged off the controllers so don’t need separate batteries. The controllers do need a total of 8 AA batteries, which is quite a lot and you may be better off getting rechargeable. These are not included, so if buying for Christmas presents you might want to invest in a packet of batteries too to make sure you have enough to play and to avoid disappointment.

Charging takes about 15 – 20 minutes and you will get the same amount of playtime, 15-20 minutes before needing to charge your robots again.



Battroborg Samurai Vs Ninja Battle set is a very cool toy, likely to appeal to most boys (and some girls) of around 6+. I think older children would also enjoy this, and it’s something that other relatives like dads or uncles would probably love to have a go at with the kids since it is a pretty cool gadget. Mr Z’s friends have also been interested in this toy when visiting after school.

The set is available on Amazon with an RRP of 59.99

Have you tried Battroborg? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

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