Super Loop Bands : How to make Loom Band Jewellery without the Loom

No parent can have avoided hearing about loom bands over the past few months as they have taken the nations kids by storm, being one of the most popular crazes in the playground. Mr Z has had fun making a few with his friends in school but we hadn’t tried them at home until recently, so I was keen to have a try with the Super Loop Bands kit. This kit teaches a simple technique to make loom band jewellery without the loom, all you need is the loop bands, an s clip and your hands so it’s really simple and has been great for beginners like this. It can be a little fiddly for young children to do but if they are able to persist with it then it’s great for working those fine motor skills.

How to make rainbow loom band jewellery without the loom - a great fine motor activity for older kids!


We tried out the Super Loop Band kit from Interplay. The kit contains 125 colourful silicone loops (in 5 colours) and 5 metal s clips along with a 12 page instructions booklet.

The method shown in the kit involves pinching the bands and then curling them into a c shape to push them through the clasp, and then continuing that technique all the way around your bracelet (or ring, or necklace, depending how long you want to make it)

You can see a basic example from the instruction booklet here:

loom band technique how to make a loom band bracelet without the loomThis technique looks simpler to me than many of the loom band techniques using the loom, and it gives great results. Mr Z enjoyed playing with the super loop band kit while off school sick and it makes an ideal quiet time activity for those type of situations. Children can make all sorts of patterns with the bands using whatever colour combinations they prefer.

making loom bandsMr Z (6) was able to manage the technique with some help from me. Mr R is of course too small at only 3 years but he was very interested in watching and in wearing some of the finished bracelets!

loom bands super loop band kitThe materials included in the Super Loop Band kit are all good quality and not flimsy at all. I did notice that there are lots of cheaper loom bands available to buy, but these bands do seem to be stronger, thicker and much better than those that I’ve seen in very cheap multipacks in shops.

Using this simple technique it didn’t take too long until we had some lovely loom band jewellery that the children were all excited to wear. We have wrapped loom bracelets around old glass jars too to upcycle them into funky multicoloured pots.

loom bands braceletsHere you can see the back of the loom band jewellery fastened with the s clip:

loom bands fastened with s clipThe Super Loop Band set is recommended for 8+. I would say that is about right for children to do it totally independently but with a little guidance most children would be fine from about 6+

Are your kids into the loom band craze? What do you think of them?

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